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An introduction to micronutrients 🍎; Tips to help you reduce your chronic disease risk 🥦; How to start training in your 60s 👴

An Understanding Of Micronutrients


Micronutrients are essential for proper growth and development. But for some people, differences in their DNA means they are less able to absorb or use specific micronutrients. If that's you, the good news is that by changing your diet, you can boost your levels, stay healthy and protect yourself from deficiency and disease.


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How To Start Training When You're Over 60


Old age doesn’t mean that you have to accept the inevitable physical decline and forget about working out forever. Even if you haven’t been working out your entire life, there is research that states that any time is a good time - you can build yourself up to being stronger and healthier well into your older years.


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10 Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of Chronic Disease


We've put together 10 handy tips regarding various factors like your nutrition and fitness that can help reduce your risk of chronic disease. Since the disease is primarily triggered by our lifestyle, then small behavioural changes sustained over time can reduce your risk in the long term.


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Guide To Creating The Perfect Meal Plan

Planning your meals ahead is always the best way to make sure that you keep to your balanced eating plan. You can download our guide on ‘How To Create The Perfect Meal Plan’ so you can curate a personalised plan that is unique to your needs and goals. You can learn about the science behind all the nutrients your body needs, tips on how to shop smarter for a healthy life and access easy recipes that are healthy and tasty.


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Step-by-step Guide To Using Lateral Flow Antigen Test

Looking for a step-by-step guide that can help you to perform the Lateral Flow Antigen COVID-19 test from Project Screen by yourself? Follow the steps in the video to ensure that you take the test in the correct way as not all lateral flow tests are the same. The Lateral Flow Antigen test in this video only requires you to swab your nose and not your throat.

Happy swabbing and safe travels!


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Who doesn't love a great sandwich? A healthy sandwich leaves you feeling satisfied, it gives you sustained energy throughout the day and provides your body with fibre, vitamins and minerals for overall good health.

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