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FOMO CURE: Your Go-To Guide For All ClickFunnels News… So You Don’t Miss Out!
What’s up, Funnelhackers!

I stumbled across an interesting word the other day… 


It’s not a word you hear often, but it basically means something with multiple compartments or various functions. 

Sometimes in business (and in life), we come across a “composite” of information… and that can feel pretty overwhelming. 

When there is too much information at once, it can be tough to know what to implement first.   

This is why a giant download of so-called “expert advice” isn’t always the best advice for newcomers... 

And, it’s part of the reason why we created the One Funnel Away Challenge

The OFA Challenge helps walk you through all the steps to building out your funnel, but in an easily digestible manner... 

Are you ready to launch your business and get started right away? What if we hold your hand through the process? 

Now is the time to finally put your product or service out there…  

Remember, you’re just one funnel away... 

Russell Brunson
Did You See The Amazing FHL2020 Speakers We’ve Revealed So Far?
Join Us At Funnel Hacking LIVE, and watch Prince EA, Kathryn Jones, Jermaine Griggs, Garrett J and Danielle K White, Heather Quisel, and Marley Baird take the stage!
In case you missed some of my recent LIVE announcements, I’ve announced several incredible speakers who will be presenting at Funnel Hacking Live 2020! How amazing is that?! And we’re just getting warmed up, there’s still more speakers to be announced over the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned!

Here’s everything you need to know to get caught up… 

Garrett J & Danielle K White - Not sure how simplify your business? This powerhouse duo are all about teaching you how to remove the complexity of your business, and properly frame your funnels, but more importantly, how to frame your life. 

Marley Baird: If you’re not a fan of creating loads of content for your business. Or, if you don’t know what to create or if you feel like you’re too busy, and simply don’t have the time to crank out piece after piece of content. Marley will help get you off the content-creation hamster wheel, so you can create a high-value piece ONCE, and repurpose it again and again!  

Heather Quisel - Ready to “level up” your entire life? This incredible former preschool teacher used the adversity of an unspeakable tragedy to grow her company and become the sole money-earner that her family needed. She’ll share her story, and show you how you can turn your deepest pain and adversity into your greatest transformation.

Kathryn Jones - You’ve heard of funnel hacking… but what about DESIGN hacking?! In her presentation, Kathryn plans to reveal the secret to creating pages that are visually-engineered to CONVERT, while keeping you from missing the under-the-radar step that most FunnelHackers blow right past…   

Prince EA - Want to create content that consistently goes VIRAL? Prince EA has you covered… his presentation will focus on teaching you how to find your voice while inspiring the people you’re called to serve. He’ll share the same secrets he uses to motivate his 20.2 MILLION social media followers!  

Jermaine Griggs - Have you ever felt CHAINED to your business? Like you actually created a JOB for yourself… not a company? Jermaine gets it. So his entire presentation is dedicated to teaching you how to achieve TRUE “funnel freedom” (the same kind of freedom that allows him to travel the world with his family!)  

PLUS, when you get your FHL 2020 tickets ASAP, you’ll ALSO get access to an ever growing stack of insane bonuses! 
  • FHL 2015 Recordings (Value: $697)
  • FHL 2016 Recordings (Value: $997)
  • FHL 2017 Recordings (Value: $997)
  • FHL 2018 Recordings (Value: $997)
  • FHL 2019 Recordings (Value: $997)
  • PLUS… the NOTES from 2015,16,17,18, and 19… all 430 pages (Value: $497)
  • Jermaine Griggs’ Bonuses! (If you missed Jermaine’s announcement, see it here) (Value: $247)
  • H.I.P.P.E.R. Sales Scripts and Training (how to sell  ANYTHING in the most effective, persuasive way possible!)  
  • Funnel Freedom (how he was able to visit 30 countries with his kids while his funnels were on autopilot paying for everything!)
  • Katheryn Jones’ Bonus! (If you missed Kathryn’s announcement, see it here)
  • “Design Hacking” video deep dive! (how to make your funnels visually-engineered to CONVERT) (Value: $147)
  • Garrett J & Danielle K White’s Bonus! (If you missed their announcement, see it here)
  • Strategic Seduction - an 8-hour intensive training where Garrett teaches you the frame that helps funnels make sense (Value: $297)
  • Heather Quisel’s Bonus! (If you missed Heather’s announcement, see it here)
  • Heather’s signature 14-Day Challenge “Level Up and Get What You Want Out Of Your Life” (Get crystal clear on what you really want, without wasting time, setting yourself up for failure, or feeling alone!) (Value: $197)
  • Marley Baird’s Bonus! (If you missed Marley's announcement, see it here)
  • Marley’s “Indoctrination Engine” Mini-Course! - Learn the 3-Pillar Formula that generates POWER and PERSONALITY (this is what FUELS the relationship with your audience)! (Value: $147)
(Total Value: $6,217!)

And we’re just getting started! Remember, we still have several speakers left to reveal… and some of them let me know that they’re going to offer EXCLUSIVE bonuses to everyone at FHL.

It’s Marketing Secrets LIVE!!!
Remember when we launched FunnelFlix, and people commented that it was like “Netflix for Entrepreneurs”?

That gave me the BEST idea!    

What if there were a full-length LIVE “Talk Show For Entrepreneurs”? 

One where I could interact with YOU, and talk about all the funnel hackery stuff that I want 

And shower people with insanely cool prizes?    

Think Jimmy Fallon...but for Funnel Hackers!   

So we made that happen!  

We set it up just like a regular talk show or late-night show, but with different cool segments on all the things that entrepreneurs care about, like Russell’s Corner - where I’ll answer questions from the Funnel Hacker community…    

Or, The Classroom - where I get to pick whatever cool topic I feel passionate about, and drop some value-bombs on you… 

And YES - we did some amazing Giveaways

The BEST Way to QUICKLY Generate Sales & Collect Leads...
ClickFunnels was built with you - the entrepreneur, the business owner, the course creator, the speaker, the expert - in mind.

Because we know that you need just two things to ramp your business FAST:

    1. Collect Leads
    2. Generate Sales

And that’s exactly what ClickFunnels helps you do best.

Pure and simple.

So you can EXECUTE FAST without having to jerk around and get frustrated with tech, design, page building, or coding.

How would you like to test drive ClickFunnels for 2 weeks, and get your funnel up, running, and open for business?

If this sounds like a CHALLENGE to get you to try us for 14 days for FREE on my dime, then so be it.

I just threw down the gauntlet! Are you up to the challenge?

Are You A Thinker, Manager, or Doer?

There are three different tiers of how people work: strategic thinkers, managers, and doers. There’s nothing bad about any of them, they’re all just different. But I think before I thought things were bad because I thought one way and if someone else thought a different way I was like, they’re bad and they’re not doing a good job.

But that’s not the case, there is just a different skill set. The first tier is people who strategically figure stuff out. They sit down and figure out the strategy of how it works and they can see this vision of how these things work and how they connect. They see the patterns and the strategy behind how something works. So that’s the first type of person.   

The second tier is someone who’s a manager. They are able to take this strategic vision and they can plug people in and they can manage those people to go and do the actual thing. They’re really good at the management of the process, the management of the people and the kind of plugging in the systems and doing that kind of stuff.   

The third tier is the people who actually do the work. The doers who actually go out there and they go and implement the thing. And again, I think for a long time in my life I was like, oh well strategic thinkers are the most important part. Or, the managers are the most. Or maybe the doers. Or whatever, it’s like all of them are so vitally important.  

And if you’re struggling right now in your business, my guess is that you’re probably missing one of those individuals... 

By the way, if you aren't following me on social media yet, you can click any of the links below and follow me on your favorite social platform…

The Marketing Secrets Show
This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to market in a way that lets us get our message, our products, and our services, out to the world, and yet still remain profitable!
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Episode #255: The SECRET to being coachable...
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Also, if you want to learn 99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business and Your Life, sign up for the Marketing Secrets Blackbook Here: Free Instant Access.
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Behind-the-Scenes @ Harmon Brothers...
We are back with a new episode of Funnel Hacker TV and with exciting news. ClickFunnels and Harmon Brothers are collaborating again! In this episode, we will take you behind the scenes of the new video we have in the works. As funnel hackers, you will love this!

Here’s What Happened This Week On Funnel Hacker Radio…
The reason you aren’t having success… On this episode Dave gives you his insights on, and lets you listen to an episode of Alex Hormozi’s Gym Secrets Podcast. The content may not pertain to your business directly, but the concepts definitely do. Alex talks about how he grew his business so fast, how you need to keep stacking/learning new skills to become more valuable, and much, much more… Click here to listen!

How to onboard customer flow... On this episode Dave walks you through his 5 step on-boarding process that will help you maximize your customer flow. Step 1: Find 3 factors that will get them to stick. Step 2: Get them on the phone within 24-72 hours. Step 3: Get them involved and started working with your product… Click here to listen
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Is There A Difference Between Follow Up Funnels And Actionetics?
Marc Gilday asked: I had created and implemented behavioral based Email Sequences. Now that the platform has changed to Follow Up Funnels, I am having a challenge to grab the fundamentals. Is there a specific training, or DEMO that I can reference to continue to build out Behavior Based Follow Up Sequences?

Jorge Vasquez replied: Can you elaborate or give an example of what you are running into? Follow Up Funnels is the simply a name change from Actionetics. The user interface looks a little different but the functionality is essentially the same. If you are referring to some of the Actionetic MD functions, those will be going away. But all the rules/filter are still there. Here is the all the help docs around Follow Up Funnels: Follow Up Funnels

Kevin Willis replied: I’m happy to help you refine your FUFs (Follow Up Funnels). Can you share more information about how many of the Actionetic features you were using prior to the name change to FUF? I ask because that will help me see where some of the changes might have affected your current sequences. I want to make sure I can dive in an help you where you need it most… 


If you’re not a ClickFunnels user yet, you can still get started for $0! All you need to do is start your 14-day ClickFunnels Trial, and you can access FunnelFlix (AND MORE) for FREE during your trial!
Russell Brunson
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