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Dr. Schulzes ESSENTIAL List of Dos and Donts to Stay Safe & Healthy!

Supercharge your Immune System and feel stronger in 2022!

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Supercharge your Immune System and feel stronger in 2022!
Dr. Schulze's Essential List of  Do's and Don'ts  to Stay Safe & Healthy!
Below is my Big List of Do’s and Don’ts to stay healthy all winter long. The Don’ts are all sorts of things that run your immune system DOWN, and the Do’s are all sorts of things that will boost and supercharge your immune system UP. This will not only give you the best chance of survival this winter, but better yet, you will feel healthy, strong, and energetic to do all the things that you want to do in life.
#1: Wash Hands
Simply washing your hands with hot water and soap many times daily kills viruses and bacteria before you infect yourself or a loved one. This time of year, you cannot wash your hands or disinfect them too much.
#2: Avoid Sick People & Crowds
Most people aren’t like you. They are not disinfecting their hands and living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t put your health and your life at risk. AVOID crowds. And if you have to be in a crowd, you might consider wearing a surgical mask and decontaminating yourself frequently.
#3: Sleep
Get your sleep, seven or eight hours. Not getting enough sleep weakens your immune system and can double your chances of getting a bacterial or viral infection.
#4: Stay Warm
Your body getting too chilled reduces your immune strength and makes you more susceptible to bacterial and viral infection. So get outside, but dress warm and don’t get chilled.
#5: Exercise and Fresh Air
The ONLY way for your immune cells to circulate throughout your body, protecting you, is by getting regular exercise. Also, get outside for at least 15 minutes a day in the sun. The Vitamin D from sunlight is proven to increase your defense against bacterial viruses.
#6: Avoid Negativity
Avoid negative people like the plague. I don’t want my immune system working overtime defending me from any negative pollution and sickness.
#7: Increase Nutrition
Vitamins are essential building blocks that your body needs to build immune cells, like T-cells and B-cells, and immunoglobulin, which your body needs to make antibodies. Vitamins are also essential in building natural immune chemicals, like interferon and interleukin that your immune system needs.
So, let’s get started, my friends, and the next thing you know, you’ll be Creating a Powerful, Healthy foundation for 2022.
-Dr. Schulze
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