My Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Bread Recipe!

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Keto Garlic and Rosemary Keto Bread 
This is a savory grain-free, low-carb, ketogenic cauliflower bread recipe that is full of healthy fats, fiber and immune supporting herbs. 

If you want to enjoy some great bread on an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan than you will love this!

Magnesium Loading:  How to Optimize Magnesium Levels 
Magnesium loading is a specific strategy to optimize magnesium levels for those who have spent years in a state of magnesium deficiency. 

Magnesium is possibly the most important nutrients out there, yet a large percentage of the population is dealing with magnesium deficiency.
Top 3 Healthy Fats and Which Fats to Never Eat 
Healthy fats are essential for good health.  However, some fats can be extremely unhealthy. When incorporating fats into your diet, it is important to distinguish between healing fats and toxic fats.

Healing fats are nutritious fats that are anti-inflammatory and provide the body with energy and building blocks for various tissues.

6 Foods That Trigger Anxiety and What To Eat Instead 
In this article, you'll learn what anxiety is, its symptoms, and the factors that trigger anxiety. I will share how to reduce anxiety naturally through an anti-inflammatory healing diet, healthy lifestyle, and appropriate supplementation.

I have a special gift for you today! A recipe book with 80 of my top keto recipes to help you burn fat for fuel. In this collection you will find green juices, anti-inflammatory drinks, smoothies, snacks, main courses, side dishes, and incredible desserts.

I am excited to launch my step by step Masterclass which is a 9-part training designed to help you unlock your fat burning potential. This is super high-quality footage with real patient stories and testimonials and in-depth training.

Lesson 1: Top 5 Metabolic Mistakes Sabotaging Your Energy & Weight
Lesson 2: The Truth About Fat & Keto
Lesson 3: Keto & Your Cholesterol, Thyroid and Adrenal Health
Lesson 4: Top 25 Keto Foods to Enjoy
Lesson 5: Top 8 Keto Mistakes & How To Avoid the Keto Flu
Lesson 6: Getting Into Ketosis & Carb Cycling
Lesson 7: The Keto Metabolic Kitchen Makeover
Lesson 8: The 8 Most Influential Keto Success Factors & Weight Loss Hacks
Lesson 9: 8 Ways To Enhance Fat Digestion
You can listen to the entire Masterclass free and get access to my keto recipe book for free for just a limited time by going here.
Anxiety Summit: The Gut-Brain Axis
ANXIETY has become the defining mental health issue of our decade - with or without a diagnosis - women are affected at twice the rate of men, and more children and young adults are now stressed and anxious more than ever before. 

Join us to learn natural nutritional solutions to reduce anxiety and get your life back!

If you are looking for some of my top recommendations when it comes to skin care, air filtration, laundry supplies, food products and more, than check out my new page - David's Corner here
   We Offer Health Coaching:
If you are struggling with your health and are interested in working with one of my health coaches who can customize a specific program for you, check out our long-distance coaching page here.

Melissa and Danielle are excellent and we work with people all around the world with a wide variety of health challenges and health goals.
Brain Calm Magnesium: This is a specific form of magnesium is the only form of magnesium proven in animal studies to cross the blood-brain barrier. Boosting the brain's magnesium level is vital to healthy cognition, which includes long- and short-term memory, learning, stress management and sleep.

          Normal Dosage: 1 scoop - 1x daily
Fem Protect: This is a fantastic product to help support women who are struggling with menstrual cramping, PMS, excessive bleeding, abnormally missed menstrual cycles or infertility.  It can also be a great support for women during the perimenopause and menopausal transition. 

Normal Dosage:  Take 2 caps - 2 times daily with or without meals
Advanced Dosage:  Take 4 caps - 2x daily with or without meals or as directed by your health care practitioner.  
Inflam Defense: This is a fantastic product to help downregulate the inflammatory process and help people who are dealing with the negative impact of acute or chronic inflammatory conditions. This is also a great daily supplement for anyone looking to keep inflammation under control and have a healthy immune response. 

Normal Dosage:  Take 1 cap - 2 times per day with meals

Advanced Dosage:  Take 2 or more caps - 2 times per day with meal or as directed by your health care practitioner. 
Activated Charcoal: This product contains 260mg of activated charcoal per serving. Activated charcoal has an incredible ability to bind and sweep out toxic agents such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, pathogens and more from the digestive tract.  

Normal Dosage:  1 cap at night before bed (away from food/meds/supplements)

Advanced Dosage:  2-4 caps at night before bed (away from food/meds/supplements)
   Family Life:
I am so blessed to have you part of our online community and my team and I are here to support your health journey to make this your best year yet!

Nov 2nd was the 5-year anniversary of when I proposed to Angel! We then got married on March 7th, 2015. So hard to believe that it has only been 5 years since we have had a lot of long nights with 3 little ones 3 and under.

But I can truly say that I am married to my dream woman who both challenges me every day to be a better man but loves me, trusts me and honors me for who I am.

Our marriage is not perfect but thanks to God's grace, we have been learning over these 5 years how to fight for peace rather than fighting to be right when we have disagreements.

Hope this picture brings a smile to your face and warmth and happiness to you! We are praying for you to have new breakthroughs in your life and health this week!

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