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Do we even make pots anymore?

Email sent: May 14, 2020 4:56pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

We do! Pre-order for our core collection begins Monday.
An email from East Fork:
Pottery Pre-Order happening May 18th!

Since East Fork’s growth started picking up pace in 2016, the production of our pottery has struggled to keep up with the demand for it. Ours is an incredibly labor-intensive process and there's no proverbial pouring on of the gasoline to just start churning out more. We've had to rely on the patience and understanding—the "buy-in" so to speak—of our customers to navigate the past couple years of frequent stock-outs. We were catching up, kind of, but shutting down our factory for six weeks due to the pandemic meant our stock levels dropped down to zero and our team lost about $1M worth of production capacity for the year.

While we're back to making pots again—masked, gloved, and spread way out—we won’t be able to build inventory in a way that can sustain our business or meet our customer's needs. To keep this ship afloat, we will be offering our work on a made-to-order basis for the remainder of the year, while we slowly build back our on-hand inventory levels. Our hope is to have on-hand inventory built for the holiday shopping season, but the whole world has learned this spring that all plans should be tentative. All that said, we're thinking that so long as folks are down to wait for their shipment to arrive, this pre-order process will make it much easier and less stressful for people to get exactly the pieces they want.

On Monday, May 18th at noon EDT, you can pre-order our plates, bowls, and drinking vessels in our three core colors—Eggshell, Morel, and Soapstone. You will receive them in about 6 to 8 weeks (yes, some will receive them much sooner—we'll start shipping them out as soon as they come out of the kiln). Locals: we will offer a local pick up option of some kind. More to come.

In late June or early July, we’re planning to offer a stunning Cobalt Blue for pre-sale as well, and by August we're planning to expand our year-round color options to 5 colors! If you'd like to take a look at them to assist in your decision-making process, you can see them here. To make that collection really sing and be cohesive, we’ll be pausing the production of our Soapstone glaze later this summer. 

Plan Your Perfect Tablesetting
A Note On Soapstone
A brunch spread on Soapstone pottery.

Soapstone has been with us since we first launched the collection in 2015. It's gone through lots of phases as our materials have changed—starting off bluer, sometimes even appearing sage-y, until settling into the soft, subdued, water blue-grey it is today. We love the glaze on its own, but it's always been a bit of an outlier in hue and gloss-level. We've been working on expanding our year-round color offerings over the past year, so that there was a color in the Core collection that would really match every space, and Soapstone just wasn't fitting in. 

If you need to round out your Soapstone collection, or you’ve been hoping to set your table in this demure neutral for some time, you'll have a couple more opportunities to do so this year. You'll be able to pre-order Soapstone next week, starting on Monday, as well as later this summer, when we make a fun Cobalt blue available for pre-order, too.

So many have seen their financial situation be put through the ringer this spring, and we understand that now is not a good time for many to be shopping. If it's helpful to anyone, we do offer Affirm on the site, which allows you to pay for an order in interest-free installments. We want to make it very clear that we have no interest in using scarcity marketing tactics to pressure people into purchasing something when it's not a good time. We'll be discussing how we might be able to offer Soapstone again at a later date.

Curious to see how Soapstone looks alongside other colors? 

Click Here
Imaginary Beach Party
Tequila Sunrise Plate with matching tableware
Are you waiting on pots in Tequila Sunrise and Malibu? Our fulfillment team has started shipping out the first round of orders from our Spring/Summer pre-sale! It'll take a few weeks to get through them all, but they’ll be in your home before you know it. Below, a selection of glassware, flatware, serving pieces, and textiles that tie it all together. 
East Fork pottery with summery nail polish and shells.
Make It Cute
Happy Birthday, Alex Matisse!
And lastly, what’s the point of running a family business if you can’t use that business’s public platform to shoutout your husband!? Happy Birthday to East Fork’s big-dreaming, ever-scheming, sometimes brooding, deeply caring, Taurean CEO and founder, Alex Matisse. Geeker-outer of big machines and tier of tiny flies. A true goofball hiding behind a serious brow. A potter, dada, husband, boss, entrepreneur, and all-around cool guy. Click here for his expert critique of that scene from Ghost.
Alex Matisse getting cake to the face.
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