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21 November 2020

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Best Sellers

  1. Teaming with Microbes - Lowenfels, Jeff;Lewis, Wayne
  2. A Sand County Almanac - Leopold, Aldo
  3. Atmospheric Boundary Layer - Vilà-Guerau de Arellano, Jordi;van Heerwaarden, Chiel C.;van Stratum, Bart J. H.;van den Dries, Kees
  4. Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction - Attfield, Robin
  5. A Dictionary of Ecology - Allaby, Michael

Spooner, Alecia M.
Get a rock-solid grasp on geology Geology For Dummies is ideal reading for anyonewith an interest in the fundamental concepts of geology, whether they're lifelong learners with a fascination for the subject or college students interested in ...
Deamer, David W.
Oxford University Press
David W. Deamer answers the top forty questions about the origin of life.
Laruelle, Francois;Smith, Anthony Paul
Bloomsbury Publishing
In the course of more than twenty works François Laruelle has developed one of the most singular and unique ways of thinking within contemporary philosophy. This volume develops the style of his late work, which has sought to combine the idioms of ...
Couzens, Dominic
Pavilion Books
Environmental enthusiast and world expert on birds Dominic Couzens gives you 366 birds, one for each day, in his fascinating illustrated book. 
Middleton, Nick
OUP Oxford
In this Very Short Introduction Nick Middleton tells the story of the desert, demonstrating its beautiful landscapes and remarkable climates. He challenges the common notion that they are dry and barren and uncovers fascinating life-forms, a rich ...
Andrei, Mary Anne
University of Chicago Press
It may be surprising to us now, but the taxidermists who filled the museums, zoos, and aquaria of the twentieth century were also among the first to become aware of the devastating effects of careless human interaction with the natural world.   ...
Fair, James D.
Pen & Sword Books
There are many guides to the the world’s great wildlife experiences, but the UK is neglected and this book sets out to remedy this. 100 Great Wildlife Experiences really takes in all the amazing things to see and do in the UK, in all seasons – ...
Dijkstra, K-D;Schröter, Asmus;Lewington, Richard
Bloomsbury Publishing
The first edition of the Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe was a ground-breaking identification guide that led to an increase in Odonata recording across Europe. The second edition includes fully revised regional guides and ...
Bradshaw, Karen
University of Chicago Press
Humankind coexists with every other living thing. People drink the same water, breathe the same air, and share the same land as other animals. Yet, property law reflects a general assumption that only people can own land. The effects of this ...
Islam, S. Nazrul
Oxford University Press
Rivers and Sustainable Development compares river policies across the world.
Cole, Sean;Waller, Mike
Princeton University Press
An accessible, comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide—the only one to cover all the orchids found in Britain and Ireland Covering all fifty-one native species and twelve of uncertain origin, as well as hybrids and variants, Britain’s ...
Hilborn, Ray;Hilborn, Ulrike
OUP Oxford
Provides a clear, engaging, and scientifically-based description of the major controversies and contentions surrounding the world's fisheries.
Vickery, Peter;Duncan, Charles;Wells, Jeffrey V.;Sheehan, William J.;Weidensaul, Scott;Vickery, Barbara;Van Dusen, Barry;Jonsson, Lars
Princeton University Press
A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated overview to the birds of Maine The first comprehensive overview of Maine’s incredibly rich birdlife in more than seven decades, Birds of Maine is a detailed account of all 464 species recorded in ...
Groenendijk, Jessica
Pen & Sword Books
The aptly named giant otter is exceptionally well adapted to life in rivers, lakes and wetlands in tropical South America. Known in Spanish as lobo del rio or 'river wolf', it can be as long as a human is tall, and is the most social of the world's ...
Ovaskainen, Otso;Abrego, Nerea
Cambridge University Press
A comprehensive account of joint species distribution modelling, covering statistical analyses in light of modern community ecology theory.
Rudall, Paula J.
Cambridge University Press
A thoroughly updated fourth edition, providing a comprehensive and well-illustrated guide to all tissues and organs of flowering plants.



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