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  1. A Promised Land - Obama, Barack
  2. Quit Like a Woman - Whitaker, Holly Glenn
  3. Greenlights - McConaughey, Matthew
  4. Becoming - Obama, Michelle
  5. Untamed - Doyle, Glennon

Chollet, Derek
Oxford University Press
In The Middle Way , Derek Chollet identifies the surprising similarities in foreign policy leadership among three consequential and widely-admired presidents: Dwight Eisenhower, George H.W. Bush, and Barack Obama. The Middle Way unpacks how these ...
Austen-Leigh, James Edward;Sutherland, Kathryn
OUP Oxford
This unique edition brings together for the first time Austen-Leigh's memoir of his aunt Jane Austen, together with shorter recollections by James Edward's two sisters. It also includes Jane's brother Henry's two biographical accounts.
Suetonius;Thomson, Alexander;Forester, T.
The Floating Press
De vita Caesarum, known as The Twelve Caesars , is a set of twelve biographies, each about one of the Roman emperors, including one on Julius Caesar. It was written by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, commonly referred to as Suetonius, in 121. ...
Carnegie, Andrew
The Floating Press
The industrialist, businessman, and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (1835 - 1919) established a gospel of wealth that can be neither ignored nor forgotten, and set a pace in distribution that succeeding millionaires have followed as a precedent. In ...
Cooper, Martin
One of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Inventors in History shares an insider’s story of the cellphone, how it changed the world—and a view of where it’s headed.   While at Motorola in the 1970s, wireless communications pioneer Martin Cooper ...
Moore, Harold G.;Galloway, Joseph L.
Open Road Media
New York Times Bestseller: A “powerful and epic story . . . the best account of infantry combat I have ever read” (Col. David Hackworth, author of About Face ) .   In November 1965, some 450 men of the First Battalion, Seventh Cavalry, ...
Petropoulos, Jonathan
Oxford University Press
Princes Philipp and Christoph von Hessen-Kassel, great-grandsons of Queen Victoria of England, had been humiliated by defeat in World War I and feared the social unrest wrought by the ineffectual Weimar Republic. Petropoulos shows how the princes, ...
Skinner, Quentin
OUP Oxford
Quentin Skinner introduces Niccolò Machiavelli, Florentine diplomat, politician, and the writer known for that most infamous Early Modern work, The Prince. He explores Machiavelli's theory of princely virtù, tracing its roots in ancient historians ...
Swafford, Jan
Faber & Faber
From his celebrated early childhood, Mozart has been caught up in myths: the superhuman prodigy, the adult who was still a child, the neglect, the pauper's grave. None of these myths are true, at least not at face value. Wolfgang Amadè Mozart is ...
Haynes, Jim
Allen & Unwin
From an eccentric musical genius to an escaped convict who ended up Japan, Jim Haynes reveals some of Australia's most amazing, and sometimes unbelievable, true life stories.
Allen, Caroline
Pen & Sword Books
A true crime travel guide to the haunts and hangouts of the most notorious gangsters of London’s East End.      There are many conflicting stories about who Ronnie and Reggie Kray were.   Films depicting their lives have made the public ...
Frisby Baynes, Joyce;Buchanan, Harold S;Domingo, Jannette O.;Holifield, Marilyn J.
Mango Media
The leaders of Swarthmore College’s historic sit-in for black representation tell their story in “this fascinating group narrative” of the Civil Rights era (Henry Louis Gates, Jr.). In 1969, members of the Swarthmore Afro-American Student ...
Davies, Darla;Rotella, Bob
Morgan James Publishing
Who Said I’d Never Dance Again? is a story of determination and resiliency that inspires and gives hope to anyone who might be facing joint-replacement surgery. Facing hip replacement surgery can be frightening and depressing for ...
Henry, Lenny
Faber & Faber
Sir Lenny Henry rang up the Office for National Statistics to confirm something he'd been thinking about for a long time. They told him that only 29.5% of the United Kingdom's population is made up of white, heterosexual, able-bodied men; so, he ...
Gerwarth, Robert
Yale University Press (Ignition)
A chilling biography of the head of Nazi Germany’s terror apparatus, a key player in the Third Reich whose full story has never before been told.   Reinhard Heydrich is widely recognized as one of the great iconic villains of the twentieth ...
Taylor, Irene;Taylor, Alan
Canongate Books
'A diary is an assassin's cloak which we wear when we stab a comrade in the back with a pen', wrote William Soutar in 1934. But a diary is also a place for recording everyday thoughts and special occasions, private fears and hopeful dreams. The ...



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