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Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic and Angular

Email sent: May 4, 2021 12:49am

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Angular does many things well. There’s a reason that Angular people are, well, Angular people.

There are going to be times, however, when you want to convert your Angular web app into a cross-platform app. (You might decide, for example, that you now want a presence on mobile app stores.)

For that use case, there’s one framework you should invest some time in learning: Ionic. It is one of the most popular frameworks around and is used by companies both large and small.

Developing Mobile Apps with Ionic and Angular

You’ve probably heard some of the benefits of Ionic. It’s open source, and it gives you a single code base across various platforms, making it a breeze to create cross-platform iOS, Android, desktop, and progressive web apps. And of course, it also works with other JavaScript frontend frameworks like Vue and React.

No matter your experience level, you’ll find value in Michael Callaghan’s new course.

Starting with the fundamentals, you will work step-by-step to create a fully functional attendance application which will help solidify your learning, and even better, it will be a great addition to your portfolio.

But don’t go just yet, because we have another exciting new course for you this week too:

Happy learning!

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