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Dockerize your applications

Email sent: Apr 6, 2021 1:00pm

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The tools you use and the tech decisions you make have a huge impact on your application in the long term. What language do you use? What framework? Database? Architecture? The cost of getting these wrong early on can lead to massive technical debt accrued faster than you expect.

For Rails developers, one tool in your toolbox that can make all the difference is Docker.

Docker for Rails Developers

Docker can do a lot for your team and the product you’re building. It saves a lot of effort by providing a standardized environment that avoids many forms of the "works on my machine" issues.

On top of that, Docker does a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to setting up environments. The Docker community maintains the images at Docker Hub, which means setting up complete application environments is a simple one-line command. Rather than taking the time to set up the system your app requires, you can devote your time to developing your application.

In Docker for Rails Developers, you’ll start with the basics like architecture, images, and containers.You’ll then move in to Docker Compose, a higher-level Docker tool for declaratively describing an entire app—and see how it all fits together.

As you learn more, we will gradually add more services like a database and Redis. This course will allow you to become fully proficient at using Docker for Rails development.

On another note, we a few other really exciting course launches this week:

  • System Design Interview: DoorDash: Prepare for the system design interview by using a case study of DoorDash and familiarize yourself with the challenges you will encounter during the interview.

Happy learning!

-- Fahim
CEO & co-founder,

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