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Survive and Share with eFoodsDirect.


While roads in Georgia closed down due to ice and snow last week, caring Georgians opened their hearts--not to mention homes, wallets and cupdboards--to stranded motorists. Thousands of strangers communicated through a quickly fashioned Facebook page, requesting and offering relief, transportation, shelter, food, and words of encouragement.


Children stuck at school were cared for by teachers, and of course schools were prepared with food and supplies to keep students and staff safe and comfortable. For motorists stuck in the endless gridlock, nearby business and kind strangers welcomed them in, providing warmth and food. We all expect schools and places of work to have emergency plans and supplies. We should expect nothing less for our own homes. With eFoods you can prepare your home with food supplies that give your family a place of reliable refuge--plus enough to share.
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Lots of Food for Caring and Sharing.


It's heartening to see strangers in Georgia showing love through sharing food. All of us are grateful when others take care of our loved ones when we can't, but we feel peace and satisfaction when we are prepared to take care of them ourselves. 


For February, eFoods wants to show you "Lots of Love" with our amazing Bulk Case Lots buy 3 get 1 FREE Case Lot Special. Mix and match cases of your favorite flavors until you have a robust and reliable supply of the best storable foods on the market.


Check out our amazing Bulk Case Lot selection, including a Gluten Free Food Supply, a Drink Case and bulk cases of all your favorite flavors. Select any 3 and get 1 more FREE. Refer to our new flat-rate Shipping Policy to calculate getting the most for your supply at the lowest rate.


For more information on eFoods Direct and our delicious, storable meals, please visit www.efoodsdirect.com.
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Chili Verde Soup 

Sam from Phoenix loves the heat--in the air and in his food. To give his favorite eFoods soup an extra kick of heat and meat, he add green chiles and pork. We love his simple version to give the soup a kick and think you'll love it too!




1/2 lb. pork, chopped and cooked

1 Package eFoodsDirect Tortilla Soup

2 (4.5 oz) cans chopped green chiles

Favorite toppings for garnish


Cooking Instructions


To cook pork, heat in a skillet over medium-high heat until done. Remove from heat and set aside. In large saucepan prepare eFoodsDirect Tortilla Soup as directed. Once the eFoodsDirect Tortilla Soup has been stirred and begun to cook, add the green chilies and pork. Continue to cook until soup is done according to package directions. Garnish with avocado, tomatoes, sour cream, tortilla strips, lime wedges, hot sauce and cheese as desired.


Time: about 20 minutes; makes 4 servings.

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