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ElectraStim Tips & Tricks- Pad Placement

The first in a new series of monthly guide emails!

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The first in a new series of monthly guide emails!
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Conductive Pads- How & Where To Use Them?

Sticky electro conductive pads are included with all our stimulators and are the first electrode most people will try out of the box. 

If you're reading our emails, chances are you're already a bit of an electro fan, so you know that the classic positioning on each thigh is a winner. But have you experimented with changing the position of the pads, combining them with another unipolar accessory or even sharing the sensation with a partner?

This is the first in a new monthly 'how to' style newsletter that will feature tips, tricks and advice as requested by you. Do you have a burning question you'd like some more guidance? Submit your questions or suggestions to [email protected]. All submissions will of course be kept anonymous.

A classic! Pads on the buttocks are a great way to get used to the maximum intensity you enjoy. 

By utilising the 'Flick' mode within our Flick, Flick Duo, Flux or AXIS stimulators you can also enjoy what we call 'Virtual Spanking'.

Remember you're always trying to complete the circuit with electro-sex, so you'll need two pads attached to your body to feel the sensations. 

This positioning is great for all users, whether you have a vagina or a penis. 

The closer you get to the genitals (while staying on the thighs), the more intense the electro sensations will feel on your most intimate areas. 

Pulsing, contracting and tingling sensations can all be expected from this pad position depending on how high you like the intensity. 

While in this position you're free to use other toys like a vibrator/dildo or just your hands. As long as you manoeuvre around the wires, you can also have sex with a partner*. 

*remember in this configuration that only the person wearing the pads will feel the electro- for play with a partner, see below. 

Sharing the electro sensations with a partner is also possible while using electrapads. 

The same principle of 'completing the circuit' applies, just this time you complete it wherever you touch!

Both partners need to wear a single pad on their chosen location (below the waist as always) and it's always important to use plenty of lubricant for vaginal or anal sex to make the electro sensations more pleasurable. 

If you'd like to a read a slightly more...intimate...account of how this works, check out Girl On The Net's blog post.

ElectraPads can also be combined with any other unipolar accessory like a cock ring, urethral sound or even use your bipolar toy as a unipolar electrode*.

By utilising a couple of toys you force the sensation to travel around and between these areas.

In the diagram shown for example, the sensation will not only focus on the head of the penis and the pelvis, but will also be felt along the length of the shaft. 

You can get really creative with these configurations and find literally hundreds of different ways to play.

*just plug in one cable to your bipolar toy (such as a butt plug) and position the toy so you can feel the stimulation flowing between the pad and the accessory.

Although this pad position is particularly effective for women, in truth anyone can use this position with amazing results! Placing a pad on the pubic bone and one on the perineum will cause the sensation to flow around the genitals for more targeted stimulation. 

You can even combine these sensations with a toy like a dildo/vibrator or simply your hands. 

We find that the Long version of the electra-pads works better for the perineum contact as it's quite a small area.



Please note that with all these positions, the length of your pubic hair may inhibit the self-adhesive part of the pads (and your comfort on removal!) so you may wish to trim or shave beforehand. 

The pads are reusable until they lose all adhesion but are designed to be replaced occasionally. To prolong the life of your pads simply wipe them with a damp lint-free cloth after use to refresh the adhesive. Always make sure you use the plastic protector sheets included while storing the pads. 

Want to know more? Another fantastic resource for electro tips and tricks is renowned blogger and electro-fan Joanne's Electro Guide.

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