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Sleep when you’re dead, mate

Email sent: Jul 31, 2020 6:15am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Find out why this may be the worst advice you’ve ever gotten.
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“You can sleep when you’re dead, mate"

Your boss and your friends probably love telling you this when they’re convincing you to work harder or stay out later and party…

But "sleep when you're dead" may be the single WORST piece of advice you’ve ever gotten.

Because studies show that short sleep duration can increase your chances of obesity by 55% and decrease your muscle mass gains by 60%.

Now, I’m no mathematician, but I can all but guarantee you that you won’t find ANYTHING with a 55% impact on weight loss or a 60% impact on muscle gains

Which means getting enough sleep, and more importantly, quality sleep, could be the recipe for unlocking your body’s true potential.

So, let me just ask – does this describe you?

You regularly get 6 hours of sleep or less…

Even if you get 7+ hours of sleep, you still wake up feeling tired and groggy…

Well, either way, I’m sorry to say that you’ve probably got a sleep problem.

Which means your health is likely suffering in a BIG way.

It’s true – getting less than 6 hours of sleep on a regular basis has been proven to increase a person’s chance of cancer by 50%!

And 75% of people with depression have been found to be suffering from, you guessed it... a lack of sleep!

The sleep deprivation industry in the US alone is a $411 billion industry, so you know this is no joke.

And there's one more thing you should know...

If you have a sleep problem, the odds are NOT in your favor to reach your fitness goals.

Now, if you want to find out how you can start fixing your sleep problem, I suggest you read our latest blog post which explains how you can sleep your way to more muscle...

But if you want an instant boost to improve your sleep quality and your results in the gym, then I strongly suggest you try a natural sleep aid supplement like this...

Or our Deep Sleep Stack (which is $30 OFF right now!). 

Because your health is worth investing in, and while none of us can add more hours to the day, you CAN improve your sleep quality starting today.

In fact, let me do you one better and show you the top 3 supplements I highly recommend if you want to fix your sleep problem right away:

Image of #1 Adrenal Switch

#1 Adrenal Switch

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#2 Cort-Rx (Adrenal RX)

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Image of #3 ZMA

#3 ZMA

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Pick up one or two of these sleep enhancing supps and experience what it’s like to wake up feeling refreshed… alert… stronger… and happier simply by harnessing the power of your sleep.

Just click the button below to get your sleep game on point starting today!

Unlock the power of your sleep!

Here’s to the power of ZZZ’s,

Matt | Elite Supplements Australia

P.S. - If you’re anything like me, maybe you’re thinking “I’ll worry about my sleep later”… but let me tell you, fixing your sleep problem right now could be the most important thing you ever do for your health and happiness.

You can’t even imagine what it feels like to be truly rested, but you can find out for yourself starting now! Just click the button above to revolutionize your sleep today.


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