Equilibrium Nutrition Ambassador Offer
Equilibrium Nutrition Ambassador Offer

10% Off Adrenal + Energy Collection

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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Renew your energy for summer!
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Renew your energy for summer!

Get 10% Off
From playgrounds to amusement parks, outdoor venues nationwide are opening up for summer fun...

However, for some of us, our energy levels have already been taking us on a roller coaster ride.

Those drastic ups and downs, inevitable afternoon crash and failure to recover are common experiences for many.

However, they are also messages from our bodies that are hinting at a much deeper imbalance within.
The Stress/Energy Cycle
Stress impacts nearly every single one of the systems that make up our bodies; and in particular, it has the ability to wreak havoc on our adrenal glands.

Constant stress sends warning signals to the adrenals to keep pumping out cortisol (the fight-or-flight hormone) when it's unnecessary. Over time, this process leads to adrenal fatigue which creates the tiredness and dips in energy levels that you may encounter on a daily basis.

This means you're more likely to reach for another cup of coffee, caffeinated drink, or a sugary snack that will give you a quick "pick-me-up." The problem is that these are temporary solutions that only mask symptoms instead of addressing underlying issues.

Not to mention, there are healthier alternatives to reclaiming your energy!

We understand it can be a challenge to make better choices in order to sustain our energy. That's why we came up with easy, natural solutions to help you break the cycle!
Our Adrenal + Energy Solutions
In order to help you address the underlying issues of energy loss and regain the pep in your step, we have created a special collection of natural solutions.

Our Adrenal + Energy Collection offers a selection of products that are formulated to support the adrenals, boost energy, fight fatigue, and provide the full spectrum intake of necessary vitamins and minerals in order to thrive daily!

Activated B-Complex supports a healthy nervous system and boosts mood through neurotransmitter production. Our formula is activated, meaning your body is able to use more of it.

Adrenal Soothe is our #1 go-to product in clinical practice for those suffering from high levels of stress. The active ingredients help protect against exhaustion of the nervous system.

Adrenal Energy Support improves energy and mental clarity without the use of stimulants (which often make the problem worse). It also helps maintain a balanced cortisol to DHEA ratio—creating a more balanced stress response.

Full Spectrum Magnesium is a mineral essential for supporting healthy sleep, muscle relaxation and for balancing mood. Our full-spectrum formula is extremely effective and ensures maximum absorption.

Full Spectrum Vitamin C is crucial in promoting a healthy immune system, as well as supporting neurotransmitters which help regulate stress hormone production.

Cal-Mag Complete supports the body in high levels of stress and well as boosts low energy due to exhaustion. Our blend of calcium and magnesium is formulated to work synergistically to ensure maximum absorption.
10% Off Adrenal + Energy Solutions
We took the guesswork out of it—our Adrenal + Energy collection is full of solutions that were specifically formulated to help support energy levels and/or help fight adrenal fatigue.

To help you find renewed energy this summer we're excited to offer you 10% off any and all items in this collection, but only for a limited time and while supplies last!

Be sure to stock up now though, because this offer ends on June 5th!


Lindsey Smart
Equilibrium Nutrition Health Team


Create Your Personalized Wellness Plan
PS: At Equilibrium Nutrition we care about you and your health goals as much as you do.

We not only want to provide the best wellness products but also real guidance and lasting results.

That's why we created our Private Online Health Coaching Program. Through it, you can join the thousands of private clients who have solved their health challenges with the help of Dr. Cabral's Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) Certified Health Coaches, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

By working with you one-on-one, our knowledgeable Health Coaches will be able to understand your health challenges and goals in order to truly help you optimize your body, changing your health from the inside out.

Through our 3-month Private Health Coaching Program, one of our Health Coaches will provide you with a comprehensive Personalized Wellness Plan (PWP) where you can expect to receive the following:
  • (3) 50 Minute Private Video Consultations
  • Equilibrium Nutrition at-home lab test recommendations
  • Private client-only discounted lab rate (up to $100 off)
  • Professional review of your at-home lab test results
  • Explanation of results including any root cause imbalances
  • A Personalized Wellness Plan (PWP) based on your results and bio-individuality
  • And much more!

If you've been wanting to take control of your health and wellness but don't know where to start this is the perfect opportunity!

Our Health Coaches can't wait to partner with you on your continued health journey!

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