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Make a red poppy with things you have at home! 🇺🇸

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A reminder for those who gave their lives in battle for us
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Hello -!

As National Poppy Day draws near, it signifies a time of remembrance.

The poppy is a symbol of reminiscence for those who fought and protected our freedom.

This is the time to wear the poppy and acknowledge the contributions made by the fellowmen who died for us.

If it isn't poppy season and you don't have access to the beautiful flowers, we are here to help you to create your own out of tissue paper and a few simple craft items.

Items needed:



Objects for tracing circle shapes

Pipe cleaner as flower stem to hold down the flower

Glue (optional) to secure the poppy

Red and black food colouring or paint

Use additional layers of tissue paper if you want a fuller poppy. If desired, use more than one colour to create variety and depth.

Tip: Use a round plastic lid, such as a lid from cottage cheese or margarine container, on top of the tissue paper and trace for a perfect circle shape

Use a small cup or another object about 2 inches (5.1 cm) in diameter as a pattern. Draw around the circle, then cut the tissue paper into a smaller circle.

Bend the pipe cleaner down in a hook shape, then pull the bent part of the pipe cleaner through the paper so the hook is hidden in the poppy. Secure the pipe cleaner to the paper poppy with a small amount of white craft glue.


Spread the layers of tissue paper to make a ruffled poppy.


Use food dye or paint and mix them with a lot of water.

Your dye should in watery liquid form.


Tip: Test the colour on a fresh sheet of tissue for colour intensity.



A beautiful red poppy for National Poppy Day!

In Evanesce New York, we are also putting on our very own red poppy badge to honor everyone that fought bravely.

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This sale lasts till 31st May 2020.

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*Any hero bundles purchase during this period we will send to you after the promotion ends.

Deepest gratitude for fallen heroes and those who are standing strong serving the Armed Forces.

With Love and Respect,

Sophie Grace

Evanesce NY

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