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Eyepiece sale ends Friday & new auctions wrap soon!

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  The Bresser Taurus telescope produces sharp bright images with its 90mm aperture and is a great choice for observing the moon and bright objects in the night sky. The refractor has a 900mm focal length and comes with an AZ mount that is lightweight, easy to use and can be operated in equatorial mode, which makes the Taurus a versatile daytime and night sky telescope. This package has all you need to get started observing right away, including a diagonal for comfortable viewing, 1.25" eyepieces and a Barlow lens as well as an adapter to aid in capturing images with your own smart phone.

  The Bresser Callisto 70mm is an easy-to-use starter telescope, and a perfect choice for viewing the planets and moon. This complete system includes an equatorial mount and a tripod that is adjustable to allow users of all sizes to observe comfortably. Accessories include a red dot finder to help observers pinpoint objects in the night sky, a star diagonal for additional viewing comfort and an erect image prism for upright daytime viewing of wildlife.


  Observing with the new Explore Scientific BT Series giant binoculars is a truly stunning experience whether you are targeting wispy nebulae in the inky night sky, exploring the natural beauty of distant landscapes or checking out ships on the horizon. Available in apertures of 70mm, 82mm, 100mm and 120mm, these binoculars are essentially double refractor telescopes that provide both far-reaching views and a comfortable observing experience. The optics are fully multi-coated for excellent contrast and color, and each binocular comes with a pair of premium Explore Scientific waterproof 62° eyepieces that add to the superior viewing quality. For all-weather performance, the optical tubes are sealed and purged with nitrogen to create an internal environment that is both waterproof and fogproof. Extendable caps minimize condensation on the lenses and provide additional protection against stray light interference.


  When it comes to astronomy, the farther you can get from city lights, the better. The new Explore Scientific Backpack Carrying Case is a great way to transport a telescope and accessories to your favorite dark sky spot or other places not easily accessible by vehicle — whether a few yards off the road or miles away.

  The internal space — which is 18 inches tall (46 cm) and 15 inches wide (38 cm) — contains robust hook-and-loop panels for easy customization. The space is large enough to hold an Explore Scientific 102 Essential Series or FCD100 Series telescope (with the focuser removed) or the Essential Series 80 mm or FCD100 80 mm (with the focuser installed). Customers with Explore Scientific 102 mm telescopes can order the backpack with three thumb screws (at no additional cost) that replace the hex wrench set screws used to hold the focuser in place.

 The rugged nylon shelf and generous padding protect your telescope and accessories while in transit, and the exterior straps are perfect for attaching a small tripod. An outside mesh pocket easily holds a water bottle or other incidentals, and a zippered outside pocket and a mesh inside pocket are ideal for a Wil Tirion Planisphere, observing logs, an Astro R-Lite Red Flashlight and other paraphernalia.


  Discover fascinating facts about the constellations and planets as you navigate the night sky with one of the new National Geographic StarApp telescopes. 

  The telescopes in this new series — which include a 50mm refractor, a 70mm refractor and a 114mm reflector — are all great choices for those wanting to begin their journey into the world of amateur astronomy. Each are outfitted with a special mount that allows users to attach their smart phone to the top of the telescope tube and use the ARTelescope App to locate and learn about constellations and planets. As they move the telescope, users will hear facts about the objects in the app’s database as they come into view. 

  Each telescope comes with two eyepieces and a 2x Barlow lens for multiple magnifications as well as a full size tripod with an accessory tray.  

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