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Email sent: Nov 14, 2019 1:37pm

We’ve got news for you… and yes, it’s the news you’ve been waiting for: we’re thrilled to announce Findster Home!



We have some big news to share with you - and it just might be the news you’ve been waiting for… We’re thrilled to announce Findster Home!

Findster Home on Kickstarter
Findster Home tracks your pets’ GPS location and activity 24/7, letting you monitor them whether you're home or away!
At work, on holiday, even in other countries - wherever you may be, as long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your furry friends back home.
Set virtual fences around your home or neighborhood, and if the pet goes beyon
d them, the whole family will receive an immediate alert via text message and the Findster App.

- 24/7 GPS Pet Tracking ✅

- Increased Range: up to 6mi/10km ✅

- Remote Monitoring ✅

- Increased Battery Life: up to 2 weeks ✅

- Detailed Activity Monitoring ✅

- Family-focused ✅

- Still FREE of Monthly Fees! 💸🚫

Findster Home is now available on Kickstarter, with very limited Early Bird perks available from $169 (a 40% discount on the future retail price). Get yours while they last!

Enjoy this exclusive offer

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Findster Team

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