Fireworks & Pyro Projects Ebook
Fireworks & Pyro Projects Ebook

[Skylighter] Easy hollywood fireballs [+ get free BP]

Email sent: Jul 31, 2020 5:11pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Make Hollywood Style Fireballs
-- plus Buy 2, Get 1 Free Black Powder Kits --


My favorite movie special effects are always big ole, giant fireballs. I like 'em so much, I like to kick off my fireworks displays with 'em. When I hit the crowd with 4 or 5 of these in a line across the field, believe you-me, my audience goes nuts!

And the fireworks haven't even started yet!

And they are amazingly easy to make! So, It's time to learn how to make these sure-fire crowd pleasers!

Oh, and here's the best've probably got fireball fuel right in your kitchen cabinet.

It's so legal your 6-year old can buy it. It's in every grocery store in the land. It's non-toxic and totally safe to work with, and.... and.... you can actually EAT it! Hey, you might even LIKE to eat it!

I'm talking about good ole, bottled, powdered... Cremora! Cremora coffee cream substitute.

What's a Cremora fireball you ask?

Well, it's kind of like... maybe it's easier to just show you. Take a look.

Want to make fireballs like this?

Amazing hollywood fireball -- LOAD IMAGES
Click the image above to learn how

Just go right to Uncle Ned's project on making big ole, giant Hollywood fireballs:

How to Make a Hollywood Fireball

Meanwhile, go out and light something!

Yours in flames,
Mike "Fireball" Gerson

PS: You're going to need black powder to lift your fireball. Today, you can buy two black powder kits and get a third one free.

Skylighter carries TWO different black powder kits, so choose the best one for you:

Either one will work if you want to make hand-mixed (green) powder. 

How to Get Your Free Black Powder Chemicals Kit:

  • Order two black powder kits today (can be either Red Gum BP or Black Powder Chemicals kits). For every 2 kits you order, we will give you an identical BP Kit free.
  • Expires midnite, Saturday, 8/1/20.
  • You must use the Promo Code: FREEBP
  • You gotta order online at Skylighter today.
  • You won't see your free black powder kit in your order confirmation. It will be added right before your order ships. Your shipping charges will be higher due to your free kits.

Purchase two black powder chemical kits before midnight 8/1, and we'll give you another one just like it free! But hurry, offer expires midnite, Saturday (8/1)

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