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Stories Aren't Enough

Our inboxes are inundated with marketing emails trying to convince us we should go to the latest conference, or read the latest book, or attend a one-day workshop focused on telling a great organizational story. And man, we are huge believers in the power of story. In fact, we have been helping brands tell better stories for 18 years.

But, here is the deal: If you want to build a strong brand it’s not enough just to tell good stories, you have to push further. You have to make meaning. This is where thinking of something bigger than a story can help, we call this bigger thing a narrative.

Narratives help you in meaning-making. They can capture hearts and minds and, through this, you can generate long-term, sustainable change.

Our latest article digs into this more. The article by our founder, Jason, is actually an excerpt from his new book.  You can buy the book on Amazon. Or, if you ask nicely enough, we will send you a copy (Seriously, email us your address and we will throw one in the mail.)

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What We're Talking About While Searching for Restaurant Reservations for Valentine's Day


We have been rooting for this film to take home a handful of Oscars since we first saw it last year. Clearly, the Academy agreed. If you haven’t had a chance to see the film that earned Bong Joon-ho four Oscars, you should make a point to do so as soon as possible. If you don’t know anything about the film, keep it that way. We think this movie is best seen knowing as little about it as possible.

Much like Jordan Peele’s Get Out, we see Parasite as a political commentary wrapped inside a thriller (or maybe a dark-comedy). It’s hard not to talk about the film without giving anything away. So, we will keep it vague. But, our conversations quickly moved past the movie itself and focused more on rising income inequality. 

In 2019, the Census Bureau reported that income inequality in the United States had reached its highest level in 50 years. For an extreme example, look at Disney’s Bob Iger earning 1,000x more than the median salary of all Disney employees. (By the way, Iger is not alone. See also the CEOs of Coke, Chipotle, and the Gap.) For something slightly more relatable, get your head around this: 44% of Americans are considered “low-wage” workers making an average $10.22/hour. Meanwhile, the richest 5% of Americans own 66% of the nation's wealth. And, we aren’t even getting into gender and race income inequality.

We don’t mean this as a political newsletter. Instead, to us, it begs the question: When we have income inequality like this, what do we value as a society? 

Inequality is a complex challenge, of course. As is wrestling with social values. And we certainly can’t get into all of it here and we won’t even pretend to have all the answers. But, it's easy to see why Parasite (besides just being an all-around amazing film) resonates with so many people in America. Maybe there is something deeper it is tapping into. What do you think? 

If you work in an organization that cares about things like inequality then drop us a line. We’d love to chat with you and see how we might help you in your mission. If you don’t work in that space we’d still love to discuss more. Say hello and set up a time to swing by the office for a drink and a deeper discussion.

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