Mobile App - $2,826 Profit/Month - 3million Downloads

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Dive into three new listings on Flippa including this mobile app that has a huge number of users and quickly rising profits. |
Hi again. Thanks for checking out today's featured listings. Scroll below for three of our favorites from this week and see what might be right for your portfolio of digital assets.
Featured Finds
Getting started: Priced below $20k
SaaS | Lifestyle
Subscription based platform with over 20,000 members and 2 revenue sources in a niche dating scene.
Three things I love:
1.  $446 profit / month

2.  83,697 page views / month

3.  86% organic search or direct traffic

Asking Price: $13,500

Gaining Momentum: Priced below $100k
Apps | Lifestyle
Popular app with over 3 million total downloads and over 54,000 reviews. AdMob earnings are verified and on a steep rise.
Three things I love:
1.  $2,826 profit / month

2.  820,000+ Active Users

3.  54k+ ratings - 4.8 stars

Asking Price: $95,000

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Going for Gold: Valued over $100k
Services  |  Lifestyle
Located in Charleston, SC, but operable from anywhere in the world. This business specializes in packages for beachside weddings.
Three things I love:
1. $3,518 profit / month
2. 14 years old
3. Can be managed from anywhere

Asking Price: $110,000

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Most Active Listings Last Week
Lead Generation Site - Moving Industry
$6,471 Profit / Month  |  5 Years Old  |  23k Page Views / Month
Church Technology Blog
$10,l829 Profit / Month  |  13 Years Old  |  71k Page Views / Month
Unique Job Related Content Site
$15,527 Profit / Month  |  6 years old  |  223k Page Views / Month
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