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Deep Sleep and Vivid Dreams Lie in these Bottled Botanicals...
Dear Friend,

It’s evening. A woody incense burns slow; a wavering steady stream of aromatic smoke purifying your space...

The uplifting smell of sweet palo santo fills the air — a sense of calm lingering in the shadows.

You inhale deeply with closed eyes, cleansing the day’s events away with a meditative stillness...

Your mind, body, and spirit are ready for a long, deep sleep.

If this kind of deep slumber sounds like a dream to you, we have what you need!

our best sleep remedies, including this soothing wooden incense.

Settle in for the night with the soft, woody scent of our sustainably harvested Palo Santo Wood Chips incense. Clarifying, grounding, and calming, it’s a lovely companion for a ceremonial nighttime ritual.

Follow it up with our best-selling Palo Santo Essential Oil diffused in your bedroom to continue the ceremony into a gentle, grounded, deep rest. Or add it to your massage oil to reduce physical tension and muscle tightness.


Welcome sweet dreams by applying a touch of Jatamansi Essential Oil to the crown of the head and bottoms of the feet.  This sweet, fragrant oil ushers in deep sleep, and releases subconsciously rooted traumas.


For a vivid, spiritual experience in your dream state, try Dream Essential Oil Blend, a magical blend of jatamansi, patchouli, mandarin, ylang ylang, and night blooming jasmine.  An enchanting, seductive scent will whisk you off to a deep slumber to reach those elusive, creative depths of your subconsciousness where your wildest dreams are waiting.



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