Natural Botanicals for Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Restore Vitality with Flowers That Heal
Dear Friend,

Have you tried flower essence tinctures?

Flower essence tinctures are powerful therapeutic gifts from the Earth to soothe and heal mind, body, and spirit.

These magical botanicals can be taken daily — and are potent solutions for protection against physical, emotional, and spiritual stressors.

To learn more on how healing tinctures might work for you, visit the blog!

Select a tincture below to experience Mother Nature’s holistic rejuvenation and natural healing elements.
HAWTHORN FLOWER ESSENCE TINCTURE is a secret free radical scavenger — and is outstanding medicine for your heart, both cardiovascular and emotional. It can aid in healthy digestion and soothe a nervous stomach.

LAVENDER FLOWER ESSENCE TINCTURE promotes spiritual liberation and connects us to our inner divinity. It promotes clarity, focus, and comfort during challenging times and transitions. This formula can be used to transform feelings of depletion, sadness, and instability — restoring inner vitality and hope.

ROSE FLOWER ESSENCE TINCTURE nourishes the body's Yin, promoting suppleness and fluidity. Hydrating and cooling effects help promote a healthy inflammatory response. It also has a purifying and nutritive nature that supports digestive function, intestinal health, and skin radiance from within.

SACRED BASIL FLOWER ESSENCE TINCTURE is a spiritual tonic. It provides support for the manifestation of our highest truth and soul-directed purpose, encouraging self-nourishment and pursuit of dreams.

PASSIONFLOWER FLOWER ESSENCE TINCTURE can settle an overactive mind, bringing peace and tranquility. By instilling this inner calm, this formula helps enhance spiritual insight and align energy chakras. Ideal for use before bedtime or spiritual practices like yoga or meditation.

CALENDULA FLOWER ESSENCE TINCTURE strengthens us from the inside, releasing tension and instilling empowerment. This floral botanical opens up your communication abilities, connects you to the earth, and helps you exist in the present moment.

These tinctures work on all levels of the mind, body, and spirit to enhance vitality and overall health
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To tinctures that heal,
Your Friends at Floracopeia 🌿

P.S. For more on these incredible natural tools for holistic wellbeing, visit our blog: Healing Naturally with Flower Essences.

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