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Hello! Its been a bit, lets catch up.

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The first of many letters to come, from me to you.
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Hi Food52ers,
I want to feel more connected to all of you and there’s no time like the present to get started. I’ll be sending you a quarterly letter filling you in on what our team has in the works for you and some links that I hope will add to your day. It’ll be a mix of candid behind-the-scenes info, as well as news-you-can-use. Hope you enjoy it, and if you’ve got any feedback or requests, send ‘em my way via the email address at the bottom of this note.

Here goes!

What we’re working on:
Mi Cocina
  • We’ve hired Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson as our VP, Creative, who I first worked with at The New York Times Magazine—back then, she was the cool kid in the office, now she’s a cool professional (check out her incredible bedroom makeover here). Her first project was an experimental catalog we did over the holidays:
Good Giving
Dansk Preview
  • We’ve started building out our new office space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We’ll have a bunch more kitchens and studios, so we can bring you more great recipes, stories, and inspiration. We’ll also do events there, and we hope you’ll come visit! Want a sneak peek? Check out one of the kitchen designs, dreamed up by Float:
  • The Five Two Design Team, which is made up of Food52 community members (just like you!) is developing kitchen utensils (think: whisk, ladle, spoon, etc.), and they’ll launch later this year. If you’d like to weigh in on our next round of products, please sign up for the Design Team here.
Five Two
  • We’re working on improving our shipping times. We ship from more than 300 makers, which means your packages are coming from all directions. To minimize this to-ing and fro-ing, we’ve started to hold more products at our own warehouses so that we can get your products to you faster.

  • Our Buying team has been searching far and wide to curate the things you need for hanging out in the warm weather, from snazzy lanterns to shatterproof glassware that looks and feels like the delicate stuff. See here:
Shatterproof Tritan Outdoor Wine Glasses
What’s hard:
  • Finding manufacturers who are willing to make products for Dansk, the heritage brand that we acquired last year. Some great manufacturers have the capabilities but are so backed up from COVID that they can’t take on extra work. Craft manufacturing has dwindled over the past decade so there are fewer factories to choose from. Still, we have a slate of design gems that we’ll bring back soon—it just might not be quite as many, quite as quickly! Here’s a teaser for the first one:
What I’m cooking:
  • This recipe while asparagus is here. It's a recipe from community member Kaykay back in 2010!
Absurdly Addictive Asparagus
What I’m reading: A note from a community member on IG:
Food52 has a big part in making my days more peaceful
How can we do better? What else do you want to hear about in my future letters? You tell me. Send us a note at [email protected].
Have a great weekend,
Founder & CEO
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