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Hi from Long Island 👋

Plus Pink Sauce, Denmark, and my other summer doings.

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Plus Pink Sauce, Denmark, and my other summer doings.
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Hey there Food52ers,
Since my last note, I’ve done some traveling (California, Denmark, and Iceland, lovely!) and some quarantining (Covid, boo!). The combined takeaway: Salty licorice soothes a sore throat.
What’s been on my mind:
Warm Orzo Salad with Beets & Greens
I came home to everyone talking about a controversial Pink Sauce, popularized on TikTok. This had me thinking about the Silver Palate Cookbook’s Beet Puree, which seemed like such a wild idea in the ‘80s, and Pink Bolognese (here’s a recipe by Merrill’s mom), which had its moment in the ‘90s and early ‘00s. There’s also this Food52 classic: Warm Orzo Salad with Beets & Greens by community member The Parsley Thief.
Sometimes what you leave out is as important as what you put into a recipe. I had a stand-out tiramisu while at BÆST in Copenhagen. Its barely detectable sweetness allowed you to really taste the cheesy flavor of the mascarpone. Next time I make a dessert—like this peach cake—I’m going to halve the sugar!
What we’re up to:
Comment Screenshot
We released a new feature on our product pages that allows you to ask questions and us to answer. We’ve been wanting an easy way to talk with you in our Shop and we finally have it!
Handmade Pottery Drop: Berry Bowls
Our Shop Team just kicked off its monthly ceramic drops by outstanding makers from all over the country. We give them a product idea and they produce a design just for Food52. The first drop was berry bowls! The next drop (hint: you can store olive oil in it) will be out on September 9.
Schoolhouse, the lighting and home goods company we acquired late last year, is about to release its fall line. Above are outtakes from the photo shoot.
An internal debate we’ve had:
Home cooks want ceramic pans to replace their nonstick pans because ceramic is seen as safer for cooking. We sell a TON of ceramic pans. But ceramic pans lose their nonstick qualities if you use them over any heat above medium. Even though we include use instructions in the packaging and our Care team hasn’t received negative feedback, this has bothered us for some time. Letting the topic rest just didn't feel right. So we recently added a "Head’s Up!" message to all our ceramic pan pages—see here. In my next community note, I’ll let you know if our sales decrease.
While in Denmark:
I visited Thomas Bentzen, an industrial designer, who we’re working with on our first Dansk product collaboration. I can’t reveal the product yet, but I promise you, you’ll want it to be a fixture on your countertop! Here’s some of Thomas’s previous work:
Beoplay Headphones
Beoplay Headphones
DLM Small Mobile Tables
DLM Small Mobile Tables
I went to see Henriette Quistgaard, the daughter of Jens Quistgaard (Dansk’s primary designer during its heyday in the 1950s—1970s). Henriette lives in her father’s farmhouse on the southern coast. Jens did more than 3,500 designs for Dansk, and the centuries-old house is packed to the gills with prototypes, original designs, and boxes upon boxes of drawings. We plan to unearth and re-release as many gems as we can. Here are a few pieces I saw during my visit:
We ate at Noma (finally, woo!). The most memorable part of the experience was how they greet you. As you enter the restaurant and pass the kitchen, all the cooks stop what they’re doing and line up to say hello to you in a flurry of greetings. It’s exhilarating—you feel special and welcome. I wish we could do this for all of you whenever you visit the site!
Now I’m on Long Island, stocking up on farmstand baby squash and beach walks. Enjoy these last days of summer!

Yours in tomatoes-every-way,
Amanda Hesser
Founder & CEO
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