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Form - ​2 fascinating ‘Gut themed’ TED talks

Email sent: Oct 8, 2020 6:00pm

Hi there,

Gut health and the curious world of our microbial selves is a huge area of interest and research in modern nutrition.

Here are 2 TED talks we came across coming from slightly different and thought provoking angles.
1. We often find our best decisions are made when we follow intuition and go with our ‘gut feeling’ over mental analysis. Join Magnus Walker as he describes the incredible life he has created by doing just that. Find this talk here.
2. Did you know 90% of your cells are bacterial cells, only 10% are human? This talk shows how the 2 kilos of bacteria in your gut (the ‘microbiota’) have a profound impact on your immunity and could actually be your ‘second brain’. You can find this talk here.


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