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Are Expensive Perfumes Worth It?

Email sent: Jun 17, 2021 11:23pm

Fragrance Spice and today we are going to discuss if expensive perfumes are worth it or not..

They’re worth it if you want those perfumes.

Perfumes which are not expensive, generally:

• Won’t contain natural ingredients.
o natural ingredients smell more complex, more unusual and richer - is that worth it to you?

• Won’t be as daring and sophisticated in their composition
o many niche fragrances sell in small numbers to people with very refined noses. 

They are often perceived as ‘too out-there’ for large numbers of people. Where a cheap fragrance will have to sell in large numbers to be successful, an expensive fragrance can be sold in lesser numbers and still make a profit. So you can find things which are far more particular, unusual, exceptional etc.

Have you ever tasted a very expensive bottle of wine? It’s a roughly similar comparison. It’s worth it if you want to access levels of aesthetic which are impossible to achieve for less money.

If you don’t, it’s not worth it.

When you wear a fragrance which is a couple of tiers above the generic designer stuff, people know the difference and will comment on it.

Hope you loved the guide. 


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