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Difference Between Perfume And Cologne

Email sent: Jun 7, 2021 11:25pm

Fragrance Spice and today we are going to discuss the difference between perfumes and colognes

Many people get confused with an eau de parfum and an eau de cologne. In this article, I will throw light on the difference between a perfume and cologne.

A perfume is sprayed directly on the clothes. It is made with 15-25% of fragrance oil in a very concentrated alcoholic solution. The fragrance of a perfume lingers longer because of the higher concentration of fragrance oil used. Lighter concentration perfumes are ideal for day use while stronger concentration perfumes are ideal for night use. Perfumes are more expensive than deodorants or colognes.

Cologne is just like a perfume as both of them give a nice fragrance. Men usually apply cologne on their face after shaving so as to smell good.

Hope you loved the guide. Cheers!

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