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What Happens When You Spray Fragrances

Email sent: Jun 16, 2021 11:15pm

Fragrance Spice and today we are going to discuss what I think happens when you spray fragrances.

Two things happen— one, the scent is absorbed into the textile fibers and will typically last longer than scent applied to the skin, which is being constantly heated by the body temperature. 

Two, the scent will not be altered by the body’s natural skin flora and ph level, so while the scent will remain closer to what it smelled like directly from the bottle, it will be missing that final ingredient of a perfume’s intended composition: its introduction to and enmeshment with the wearer’s body chemistry.

There is nothing wrong with finishing perfume application with a final spray to the shirt or blouse. Just be aware that if you spray outerwear and intend to rewear it without cleaning, it’ll still be holding on to that fragrance, and may conflict with a different scent that you plan to wear.

Hope you loved the guide. Cheers!
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