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What Scents Are Pretty Rare In Perfumes?

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Fragrance Spice here and today we are going to discuss some scents that are rare in perfumes.
There are quite a number of naturally-derived botanical and animal essences, used in perfumery, which are relatively hard to come by, either because supply can hardly keep up with the demand, or because questions have arisen regarding the ethics of harvesting them.

Fragrant woods like sandalwood and oudh produce oils which are are extremely popular for making perfumes and incenses, and have been since they were discovered, thousands of years ago. They do not grow just anywhere, but have been cultivated in specific locations across the globe, like India, Thailand, Malaysia and the island of New Caledonia near Australia, where the climate is just perfect for growing.

Nowadays, so many perfumes containing sandalwood and oudh are being manufactured worldwide, that the existing plantations for these fragrant oils cannot possibly keep up with the demand. It takes years to grow a single sandalwood or oudh tree.

Synthetic, laboratory-derived substitutes have been created for this purpose. Some of these lab-created woody essences come amazingly close to the smell of the real thing. Nevertheless, the world’s finest noses still know that nothing can truly replace the genuine botanical oils, for sheer beauty, depth and complexity.

If you seek to blend a perfume with the real deal— genuine botanical oils— you are going to have to pay a lot of money. Supply-and-demand have pushed the prices of these authentic essences into the stratosphere.

Hope you loved the guide. 
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