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Why Is Alcohol Used In Perfumes?

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Fragrance Spice and today we are going to discuss why alcohols are used in perfumes.

Alcohol is used in some perfumes, not all.

Perfume ingredients are pure and need to be diluted in order to be safe for use on the human skin and to have a more pleasant smell. Purely concentrated perfumes are frequently not as pleasant nor are they as easy to smell as diluted perfumes.

The reason alcohol is used for dilution in certain perfumes is that it is mildly scented (won't impact the formula) and it increases the silage or dispersion of the perfume molecules. This allows the perfume to sit in front of the people who spray them, like walking with a perfume cloud around yourself.

Perfumes that are diluted in oils, rather than alcohol, have lower silage, so the scent stays close to the body and while it is just as strong as an alcohol dilution, it is not as loud.

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