The biggest problem with being innovative

Email sent: Feb 13, 2020 7:30am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

There's a major downside to creating something totally new. And we have certainly struggled with it.
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Image of Solid Cologne Sample Pack

Introducing, the Solid Cologne Sample Pack.

Who buys cologne without smelling it first?  Nobody, we thought. That's why we didn’t even sell our cologne online when we first started Fulton & Roark. While all of our fragrances were getting great reactions, we couldn’t imagine people buying them without trying them first. 

Eventually, some of our best customers convinced us to sell online, but we knew we needed to create a way for potential customers to try out our cologne before they went all in.  There was just one problem: creating good samples was hard.  Like, really hard.

Nearly everyone has used a spray cologne, so for sampling a traditional cologne, the only thing a guy needs to try is the fragrance itself. At Fulton & Roark, we're offering not only new premium fragrances but a whole new way to wear cologne. We knew that men would want to try out the wax base as well, to make sure they liked the new method.

Unlike sprays, our solid cologne is so concentrated that getting the right amount for a sample proved difficult, and because we were leading the way with solid cologne, there were no ready-made answers.

We considered our options…

Could we fill our aluminum containers with a tiny amount?  That made sample costs far too high.  Dollops of the wax in cheap plastic packaging? That didn’t seem like a proper introduction to what we were offering. We even tried to create samples using specially made disposable contact lens containers. Nothing seemed to work.

You’re still reading this. That’s fantastic! We were worried that with our society's ever-shortening attention spans that everyone would have moved on by now. Good for you! As a reward, use the coupon code “LONGFORM6QFLVFDG” to get the Solid Cologne Sample Pack for just $12. Keep in mind, it comes with a $16 coupon code, toward your next purchase. Anyhow, back to our story.’

Ultimately, we found our answer in a different industry: Makeup.  Mimicking some of the elements of high-end makeup samples, we created our own sample pack. And after more than two years of R&D, we finally have a sample pack that allows customers to try out all eight fragrances for what we think is a reasonable price, and without a lot of waste. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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