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FANTASTIC & UNIQUE - Last day today

Email sent: Nov 9, 2019 4:07 am

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Whether you're a beginner or making 6-figures per year I'm giving you my highest possible recommendation on Tony Shepherd's 'Breaking The Rules' (BTR).

In a few hours it'll be taken down along with my exclusive 77-minute HD video bonus 'commentary' where I walk through Tony's entire BTR course giving you my own insights, little strategies and tactics.

No theory, just real 'behind the scenes' methods I've implemented that make sales.

(After you get your BTR copy here, you'll see the link where you can download the video bonus - this will never be available anywhere else and like BTR will also be gone after today).

1. Are You Sure This Is As Good As You Say Rob?

As you know it's extremely rare I make such a strong recommendation as this and I don't do it lightly.

I simply wouldn't do this (not least because it would destroy trust with my subscribers) unless I thought this would be a massive help to you.

And I sincerely do believe that and early feedback from people in the last 2 days confirms that.

2. Why The Deadline?

First, Tony only opens his courses in short bursts, usually 3-4 days (you'll see why and how this works in the BTR course itself).

That's the first reason for the deadline.

The second reason is that I always like to reward early action takers as much as I can. Hence I'm making my complimentary 77-minute HD bonus available for a limited period only.

3. Questions & Answers on 'Breaking The Rules'

I outlined these in my email yesterday and repeating here for convenience....

Q: Are there any upsells?

A: Apart from the personal support option on the checkout page there are no upsells at all. It's an amazing bargain and I've personally learned less from $497-$997 courses I've bought in the past.

Q: Does it work in any niche?

A: As you complete Module 1 and start on Module 2 you'll see clearly that the system works in any profitable niche - it becomes quite obvious early on really.

Note I say profitable niches - obviously if your niche selection is one where people are just hunting for free information then it won't work.

Also, as Tony operates primarily in the IM niche the majority of the case studies, examples and results are in the IM niche.

It's an almost effortless mental exercise to translate these into other niches though, whether it's weight loss for 50+ men, self improvement, relationships, one of the smaller hobby markets or even the newer and growing "crypto-currency" niche.

Q: Does Tony show how to set up web pages and do all the technical stuff?

A: No, he doesn't. What he does do, in various points of the course, is talk about what tools he uses and how he deploys them in the system.

I also talk about this with you in the bonus video, adding in my own preferences and giving you extra tips. But neither of us go into a "click here, enter that there, etc" type tutorial.

So if your main focus is learning basic Wordpress or how to create a new list in an autoresponder I wouldn't necessarily recommend you get this.

Or at least I'd say you need to learn from the free tutorials provided by the companies who make these tools. Take a different basic "set up wordpress" course or even look on YouTube - loads of stuff there.

Q: Is Tony's system really that different and novel?

A: I promise you'll never have seen anything like it.

Nothing else I've seen comes close to Tony's system here, it's extremely novel indeed.

I don't like things being different for the sake of it but you can just see how elegant and crafted it is as he walks through it in the course.

Remember also, you can implement the entire system or choose to cherry pick elements from it (that's what I've done) - I talk about this in the bonus commentary video and give you lots of own insights from my experience actually making money.

Q: What's actually in your bonus video Rob, how does it work?

A: I recorded this for you in HD using a screencast - watch online or download to your computer to keep.

On the screen you'll see the 6 modules in Tony's course and we go through it together stopping at various points and I share my insights, extra tips, little strategies and tactics that have made me money and so on.

Hope that gives a better idea.

Q: Can I get the bonus video separately?

A: No. First it wouldn't make sense without the main course and secondly, due to my license agreement with Tony, it's only ever available in this offer. So I'll never make it available anywhere else.

Q: I previously purchased Breaking The Rules from Tony, can I get your bonus?

A: Yes you certainly can with my pleasure and I should have mentioned this yesterday. Just dig out your email receipt and forward it to and I'll get the bonus to you - no charge.


1. Go to the Breaking The Rules sales page here to get your copy.

2. You'll receive the full course and bonus automatically after checkout.

After tonight (Saturday 9th) the course and the bonus video won't be available anywhere and the link above will go to an "offer closed" page.

Any final questions in the hours remaining until this closes, please just click reply on this email and I'll be happy to help.

Don't miss BTR and my 77-minute HD video bonus - until the deadline in a few hours you can get them here.

Kind regards,



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