Backpacking 101

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Backpacking 101

Backpacking is one of the best possible ways to disconnect from everyday life and properly relax—while getting a wonderful workout and outdoor time. The only downside if you’re new to backpacking is that you may be susceptible to a few newbie mistakes. But stick with us, and we’ll help you sidestep those and have a wonderful time.

This is a very brief guide—entire blogs and books are written on the subject, but this post will give you a very quick’n dirty overview.


Your backpack is the foundation for your gear. Research what size pack you’ll need depending on how many days your trip will be. Pack capacity is typically measured in liters. As an extremely rough reference, you want a 35-50 liter pack for 1-3 night trips. For a 3-5 night trip, you’ll need to expand beyond 50 liters, up to 60, 70, or even 80 depending on how far you’re trekking, how much food to bring, and if heavy cold-weather clothing or sleeping bags are coming along..
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For shelter, you can bring a tent or bivvy sack (or even a hammock if it’s hot … just bring bug-proof netting and a rain fly). You’ll most likely want a tent.
When choosing a tent, think first about how many people you’re packing into it. Typically, backpacking tents are sold for one, two, or three people. These ratings are usually a bit optimistic; plan on being packed in cozy if you’re sharing. But one upside is that you can split the tent, poles, and rainfly among your posse’s packs and save weight for everyone.
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Sleeping Bag

For backpacking, you want a sleeping bag rated warm enough for the expected temps but as packable and lightweight as possible. This is the biggest thing in your pack, so if you can get it to stuff way down (and not weigh down your bag) you’re in better shape.
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Let’s get crackin’. If you have perfectly usable gear gathering dust, list it and sell it. We make the process easy on you and take a small commission. And, whenever you’re in the market for gear that’s in great shape and costs a fraction of new, we've got it.
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