Farewell, Powder Magazine

Email sent: Oct 8, 2020 9:00am

Farewell, Powder Magazine

As a skier, there’s a feeling that comes with Fall others will never experience. The jittery anticipation is palpable. As the leaves drop and the first frost turns to snow, our potential energy rises. The ski season is nearly upon us and deep snow soon awaits. If you’re like us, Powder Magazine was your bible, and reading their ‘intro’ was your first order of business. We grew up with it, and it’s a feeling we won’t forget.

2020 will be one for the books.  It’s been a year of incredible loss, fear and tension, and Powder Magazine is no longer with us. It seems trivial to mourn the passing of a magazine when our problems are so much bigger, but to us, it marks the end of an era. 

Thank you Powder Magazine for the hope and stoke. We already miss you.

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Let’s get crackin’. If you have perfectly usable gear gathering dust, list it and sell it. We make the process easy on you and take a small commission. And, whenever you’re in the market for gear that’s in great shape and costs a fraction of new, we've got it.
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