First Aid Kit Basics

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Geartrade: First Aid Kit Basics

Getting injured is bad enough. But getting hurt—or having a member of your party get hurt—out on the trail is a whole other matter. Something that would be simple to deal with if you were in town can now become a major production (at best) or a dangerous situation (at worst). If you badly sprain your ankle walking around your neighborhood, it’s a bummer. If you badly sprain it 30 miles from your car in a place that has no cell reception, it’s more than a bummer—it’s a huge problem to solve.

If you need a refresher, read on to check out our first aid kit basics: what to pack and how to be prepared to safely navigate your next outdoor adventure.

Mountain biking: crank a little harder, ride a little farther.

As the leaves turn golden, the air cools, and the trails turn nice and tacky, this is the perfect time to contemplate the little ways to improve your daily getup. Perhaps an UnNew pair of bike shoes, a better hydration pack, or a couple of lighter components would revolutionize your daily biking experience. Our vote: go for it.
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Climbing: don’t sweat it.

Now that the harsh sun is easing up, your favorite walls are finally comfortable for full-day outings. So go ahead and treat yourself to a better climbing pack (you know how much better the approach hike is with a good rope-carry system), a few handy slings, or a good crash pad.

Take the chance to round out your gear arsenal: snag the in-between-sized cam to round out your rack. Upgrade your helmet to something light and breathable. Throw down for a rope bag that makes sport sessions easy-peasy to pack for.
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Let’s get crackin’. If you have perfectly usable gear gathering dust, list it and sell it. We make the process easy on you and take a small commission. And, whenever you’re in the market for gear that’s in great shape and costs a fraction of new, we've got it.
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