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How Are Your Sleeves Looking ?
Gent-Worthy Sleeve Lengths
As a general rule, and unless our client has requested different - we aim for 1/2 or 1/4"of shirt (or sweater) cuffs showing under our jacket sleeves.

Visually the cuffs at the wrist are an important part of balancing and completing a tailored look.

For clients with shorter arms we sometimes show less shirt cuff closer to 1/8 as a means to lengthen.

Similarly, for clients with long/lanky arms we sometimes show up to 3/4 of shirt cuff to break-up the long line.

It depends more on the proportions of the client, rather than his height. Some tall guys or ladies have short arms, proportionally.
A proper shirt is fitted around the wrist not snug at all, but close enough to hit the meat of the hand, and stop there.

The sleeve of a shirt is meant to have some additional fabric at the wrist, above the cuff. So when you extend your arms, the cuffs dont go scurrying up your forearms or worse, get stuck there.

If a shirts sleeves are just long enough to hit your hand, with the cuffs unbuttoned, then it is too short and the balance with jacket sleeves will be difficult.

Some guys have different preferences here.
I like my shirt cuffs to fitovermy watch, without getting stuck or tight. For this, I have my left shirt cuff made 3/8 wider than my right. I dont like to show off my watch, but the main reason is I prefer the symmetry of the same amount of shirt cuff showing on both sides.

Some guys, understandably, have watches that they want to show off. I get it, you dont spend $100,000 on something to hide it under a shirt cuff. For this, I suggest making the cuffs just narrow enough to sit above your timepiece Bling on player.
I hope you enjoyed this morning's Gent-Worthy wisdom! Now go out there and make it a great day and check your sleeve lengths!!

For Alterations or Bespoke Appointments just let us know and we'll be there. We're always there for you Gent!

Always Best in Style,
Tim Beasley

The Editorial for Fine Gents
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