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The summertime has come and gone but that does not mean that your sunscreen application should slow down! Unprotected sun exposure is one of the leading factors contributing to premature aging, dark spots and wrinkles. Always remember to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher everyday! I love glo therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40+ for lightweight broad-spectrum sun protection.

Shop Suncare Not drinking enough water

Drinking water is essential for the overall health of one's body but is also an important step towards healthy, glowing skin. Drinking water is a great way to keep the skin plump and hydrated and flush toxins from the body. Make sure to treat the largest organ in your body to 8 glasses a day!

Using unhealthy makeup

Wearing cosmetics containing talc and other filler or buffering agents can exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea- meaning they can actually cause breakouts! Try using makeup that is an extension of your skincare like glo minerals. glo minerals is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection and is free of talc and fillers! Plus, glo minerals products are non-comedogenic. What does non-comedogenic mean? Products that are non-comedogenic (also referred to as non-occlusive) do not clog pores and are free of ingredients that can cause breakouts.

Shop Mineral Makeup Forgetting to clean your phone
Suncare products Foundations

Is there anything we hold nearer and dearer to our hearts (and our faces) than our trusty cell phones? Our cell phones can be responsible for high levels of bacteria coming into contact with our skin. Do you breakout on one side of your face, along your jawline or on top of your cheeks? If so, you need to remember to keep that cell phone clean to prevent the spread of bacterial growth! Try using glo therapeutics Purifying Tonic on a tissue or glo therapeutics Clear Complexion Pads to keep it clean!

Shop Cleansers Picking at your skin

Picking at your skin or popping pimples can be almost impossible to resist. Don't give into temptation! Picking or popping can be dangerous, in fact, it can lead to the spread of bacteria, scarring and can delay your skin's natural healing process. For those of you who have had a chemical exfoliation treatment this is extremely important! We know not picking or pulling at the skin is hard to avoid but after a treatment, your skin is in an extremely sensitive state and must be left alone for the process to work. Please avoid touching, popping, picking and peeling your skin while it heals! Help your skin heal quickly by applying Healing Gel with clean fingertips to irritated or problem areas.

Shop Healing Gel Going to bed with makeup on

Removing your makeup before bed can seem time consuming and tedious (especially those nights you wind up asleep on your couch watching reruns) but it's a necessary step towards great skin! Even if your makeup is as skin-healthy as glo minerals, dirt, bacteria and pollutants can accumulate on top of your makeup. Removing makeup helps remove the accumulation of environmental pollutants. Luckily glo minerals makes this very easy for you with its fantastic Eye Makeup Remover! Just apply with a cotton ball to remove eye makeup. This fantastic product is gentle enough to be used on the face as well!

Shop Makeup Removers Forgetting to clean your tools

Brushes and tools are an essential part of great makeup application but unfortunately, if you do not clean your brushes regularly, they can be carriers for some pretty scary things! Bacteria from dirty brushes and tools can lead to breakouts, cold sores, pink eye and even infection...ew! Make sure to keep 'em clean by using Brush Cleaner and by washing them about every two weeks with either a baby shampoo or gentle face wash!

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7 Skin Sins blog 7 Skin Sins blog
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