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Hey, guys. Getting goopy is a gender-neutral pastime, so today we present: goop men. (We hope you’ll pass it on.)
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Hi, friend of goop. We have a big announcement for men. So I humbly ask you to forward this to your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, or any other man in your life.

Dear Man,

My name is Gwyneth Paltrow. I’m the one who talks to your wife/sister/girlfriend/partner/husband about the moon and telepathy and high-waisted jeans. A bunch of years ago, I started a company called goop. goop has always been at the forefront of wellness—and to be honest, it’s a world that has mostly been directed toward women. But over the years, we saw you swipe our night cream and throw celery in the juicer. Then we heard you say you were in a “toxic” relationship at work. And we knew it was time.

I’m writing today to tell you that the game is no longer locked. Today we present goop men.

From now on, we will have a Men tab on our site as well as a monthly newsletter devoted to you—from health to travel to an occasional circadian-rhythm-supporting lightbulb. We’re kicking it off with a special newsletter edited by our great friends and goopfellas podcast cohosts, chef Seamus Mullen and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole. We’re also launching G. Label Men—a collection of quality classic knits made in Italy. By “classic” I mean they look great on everyone. And by “made in Italy” I mean “made in Italy.”

So ask yourself: Are you crystal-curious? And even if you’re not—are you, simply, curious? About the world, how to fit into it, what it means to live in 2019. We all get a little lost. We all wrestle our own shifting paradigms. We all want to grow and be present in our lives. Guidance from a clinical nutritionist, a psychotherapist, an intuitive, even a travel guide to the best adventure escapes can be an awfully welcome thing when you’re searching for some grounding. goop doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but we’re pretty committed to looking for them. Besides, men can make cookies with avocados instead of butter, too. Let’s not put people in boxes.

So click on stuff, read stuff—fuck it, go on a cleanse. You deserve it.

And most of all, welcome to goop.

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