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G.Tox Your Body
Go skinny-dipping in a freshwater lake up in the mountains, hike up a windy canyon, or even just lie on the ground beneath your favorite tree: The power of nature is real, and the most detoxifying, nourishing force we know.

Were pretty well known for our detoxes here at goop, and while much of a detox is about subtractinggetting rid of harmful chemicals in our diets, our beauty and personal-care items, our homes and officeswe think its also important to add good stuff in. Exercise, organic food, heat, acupuncture, herbs, energy clearing, dry brushing, and essential oils are some of the additions that really work for us, but we wanted to take all of it to another, everyday, easy-to-practice level.

We created goop body: G.Tox to detoxify and nourish ourselves every day with natural elements like clay, salts, botanical extracts, and essential oils. It starts with an amazing dry brush (we are serious OG dry-brushers), and then, in the amount of time youd normally take to cleanse, you treat your body and your senses to the power of pure, spectacular-quality natural ingredients at active levels.

Happy detoxing
Love, goop
Detox Your Shower
Detox Your Shower
The practice of taking steps every day to reduce your exposure is every bit as important as the major reset. Detoxifying your shower routine makes everyday cleansing more powerful and, done right, treats both the body and senses.
goop Body, $30
goop Body, $40
goop Body, $20
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