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Introducing Madame Ovary: A Supplement Regimen for your 40s and Beyond
Introducing Madame Ovary: A Supplement Regimen for your 40s and Beyond
Dr.Dominique Fradin-Read, MD, MPH, has spent the better part of her career focusing on preventive and anti-aging medicine, helping women through the hormonal changes and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. We worked with her to formulate a vitamin and supplement pack for women who want these hormonal changes to be as smooth as possiblei.e., every woman we know in her forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond.
Madame Ovary
goop, $90 for 1 month,
$75 for monthly subscription

Ask GP: Mid-Forties Self-Care?
Ask GP: Mid-Forties Self-Care?
Dear GP: Im not in menopause yet, but Im in my forties and Im starting to notice some changes. Did you start taking care of yourself differently once you hit forty?
Meet All the Protocols
Determining which supplements to take can be overwhelming, which is too bad because our diets can call for extra vitamin and mineral support. At goop, weve built our brand by starting important conversations and turning to the best doctors and experts in the field for advice and solutions. Weve partnered with these practitioners to create daily packets of vitamins and supplements to meet the needs of the women they see every daylike these goop staffers.
Why Am I So Effing Tired?
Why Am I So Effing Tired?
No Matter How Much Coffee I Drink, I Still Feel Wiped Out
I know I probably drink too much coffee, but without it, I wouldnt be able to get through my days. Between work, kids, and life in general, Im just so tired...READ MORE
High School Genes
High School Genes
It Feels Like My Metabolism Has StoppedIs This Normal?
Ive hit a wall. It doesnt seem to matter how much I exercise or what I eat; I cant control my weight or my appetite. I am ravenous all the time. Im in my early forties and...READ MORE
The Mother Load
The Mother Load
I Had a Baby Months Ago and I Still Feel TerribleWhat Gives?
I had my second kid about six months agoI have a five-year-old as welland I have never felt more run-down...READ MORE
Balls in the Air
Balls in the Air
I Dont Have Time for Downtime
Im young and full of energy, but Im worried that my body wont be able to keep up with this pace and Im setting myself up for issues down the line...READ MORE
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