Spilling the Beans

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Spilling the Beans

Beans are a great food. Gluten-free, full of protein, cheap and super-healthy, all they need is a good recipe to make them into a hearty meal. We had a great time developing these recipes that aren't just your usual chili.

Also, a peek into the Frieze Art Fair happening now in London.



This week’s goop collaboration

Cooking Beans

Below are a few bean-based dishes we’ve cooked up lately plus some helpful tips on cooking with beans.

Cooking beans


1 cup of dry beans should be cooked in about 3 cups of water.

1 cup of dry beans yields about 2-3 cups cooked.

If beans require soaking, do so in cold water for 4-12 hours (generally, the bigger the bean the longer the soak time).

If you don’t have time to soak, cover beans with 2 inches of water and boil for 2 minutes.

Get more tips here...

Roasted Chickpeas with Romanesco,
Peppers + Anchovies


We tried the recipe with cauliflower in the test kitchen and again with romanesco for the shoot. Both work just as well.

Click here for the full recipe...

Super-Healthy Kosheri

One of our favorite bean recipes from It’s All Good, this kosheri is the most delicious dish. Plus, lentils and brown rice eaten together make a really good protein for vegetarian/vegans.

From It’s All Good: “My brother Jake’s favorite side dish is kosheri (sometimes spelled koshary, kushari, or koshari), which is among the most popular street foods in Egypt. Cheap, filling, and flavorful, it’s traditionally made with white rice, fried onions, lentils, and broken pieces of pasta and is often served with an oily, spicy tomato sauce. I’ve simplified the recipe and made it a bit healthier, too, leaving out the pasta and sauce, swapping brown rice for the white rice, and slowly cooking the onions to get tremendous flavor without buckets of oil. This is just as successful made with quinoa (simply substitute it for the brown rice and reduce the cooking time from 45 to 20 minutes). Though it requires an additional dish to clean, my absolute favorite variation is to make one pot of the brown rice version and one pot of the quinoa version and then combine them.”

Click here for the full recipe...

Stella McCartney x goop

Our new stella x goop dress @HelloRoss.

Cannellini Bean + Quinoa Burgers

Cannellini bean + quinoa burger

Served stacked or on a platter, these vegan and gluten-free burgers are easier to make than they look.

Click here for the full recipe...

Three Bean Salad with Sautéed Chard

Three bean salad with sautee chard

Adding the lightly wilted fall chard makes all the difference in this three bean salad. This is a great dish to throw in a jar or container and take to work for a healthy room temperature lunch.

Click here for the full recipe...

Slow-Braised Green Beans

Slow-braised green beans

There was some discussion in the test kitchen on whether to use fresh or canned tomatoes for braising the green beans. After a few trials, we decided fresh is best, keeping the dish a bit lighter. Though we love the simply blanched, French-style green bean preparation, slow-braising them with tomatoes makes for an incredibly tasty and warming preparation. Perfect for going into fall.

In the test kitchen

Click here for the full recipe...

Frieze Fringe

It’s Frieze this coming weekend in London and there’s plenty to see in the city. Below, a mix of big names we love and new kids on the block that
we’re excited about.

JR, Actions, on the streets and at Lazarides.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia, East of Eden at David Zwirner.

Out of Context + David Lynch Foundation co-curate Feeling Good, at Getty Images Gallery.

Click here for more...

Black Bean + Roasted Butternut Squash Chili

Black bean + roasted butternut squash chili

We roast the squash separately for this spiced chili as the rich flavor of the roasted butternut is too good to skip. If time is short and you want to throw the squash in at the start to boil with the dry beans, that’s fine too.

Click here for the full recipe...

Basic Lentil Soup

Basic lentil soup

Lentil soup has many lives – some with curry, others without tomato, some puréed until smooth and some kept chunky. This is our basic, everyday recipe – simple to prepare and a delicious kitchen staple. This also freezes quite well.

Click here for the full recipe...

Thanks to MARCH in San Francisco for letting us shoot on their beautiful kitchenware in their store.

Photography by Angie Silvy.

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