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Spring Break Prep

She may have many imitators, but there is only one Tracy Anderson, who has revolutionized modern fitness with her years of research and ingenuity. Today my gorgeous (inside and out) business partner breaks down a new dance cardio routine from her upcoming DVD Unleash Your Inner Pop Star to try to get us beach ready for spring break/summer, the right way. And, if you have to do it faster than that (plug your ears, Tracy) we have tested every possible cleanse we could get our hands on to reset and detoxify our systems after the long winter (and shed a few pounds). See Tracy's in-depth interview and our even more in-depth detox guide below. And why stop there? We've rounded up all the best hair removal intel we could gather. Get those legs out.


This week's goop collaboration

Tracy Anderson's 5-Minute Dance Cardio Workout

In a few short weeks, Tracy Anderson is launching a long-awaited Dance Cardio DVD, Unleash Your Inner Pop Star—and we, for one, couldn't be more excited. Besides full sequences, she's breaking all the dances down step-by-step (if you've tried her dance cardio before, you'll appreciate the schooling). Here, an exclusive sneak peek at what's to come.

Tracey Video

Tracy Anderson Fields Our Questions

Q. Why is your dance cardio different than other cardio programs? Why are you so opposed to swapping in long runs or spin class instead?

A. We are all unique, and we are all born with a variety of weaknesses, including physical imbalances and challenges. These tendencies to move and build muscle in a certain way are made more pronounced throughout our lives: We are how we eat, we are how we move, and we will continue to be challenged by what we neglect.

If something is out-of-balance with my health or in my body, I don't believe in embracing it—I believe in fixing it. This is a tough conversation for all of us to have with ourselves, and a hard middle ground to find: It's easy to alternate between wanting to accept ourselves as we are, full stop, and then becoming obsessive, or seeing this as an exercise in vanity.

It's really neither: It's about making our bodies strong, balanced, and cohesive. It's paramount for our long-term health.

During my early years of research on the body I had many subjects who ran or cycled: The imbalances this created were noticeable in many bodies (not all). When you are trying to achieve balance, yet push the body to call upon the same muscles to fire in the same ways, again and again, it's only natural that your body would respond by building those muscles up in an unbalanced way. Those physical achievements eventually wear.

The body responds incredibly well to consistency with strategy: Start your child at golf at three, and there's a good chance he'll become an incredible golfer if he follows the rules. The same holds true for our fitness. Trend-hopping with workouts leaves little room for design or achievement. It's not negative, and it's a wonderful thing to move with passion, but it's definitely a free bird approach. If you backpack your way through life, you'll have many great experiences; if you go to medical school you will become a doctor. It's obviously a question of values, but I believe the dedication and consistency involved with the latter is probably a better life-long strategy.

I wanted to create a cardio component that involved calorie burn, mental connection, focus, and coordination. My specific dance aerobics program is incredibly challenging on all levels, without stop and go—it allows you to penetrate enough to fight real problem areas and control weight. And perhaps most importantly, it doesn't interfere with the design of the body because you're not firing the same major muscles, again and again. It's very difficult for people to learn to move their bodies well, as most of us disconnect in college and find it hard to get it back again. My dance aerobics takes time to learn as the brain must participate, but it really does forge an incredible mind/body connection.

Q. What's the ideal amount of exercise someone should aim to get every week? And assuming that time is limited, what's the first thing to prioritize?

A. Are you sure you want me to answer this?!? Nobody ever wants the truth when it comes to putting in the time. With my method, I really like people to execute four to seven days a week; I feel like six is the magic number.

It takes time to build cardio endurance, but that's no excuse for not starting: I like to get people to a high-performance, low-intensity steady state of regular cardio where the brain is actively participating. This cardio formula protects healthy muscle mass and burns body fat stores instead. In time, the cardio can become more and more vigorous, with even better results.

Getting the right balance of cardio is sometimes tricky, as too much, or the wrong flow can increase cortisol levels, which burns muscle tissue. I'm always thrilled when I get a client to accomplish a good cardio routine, since the body reacts really well to it. When performed consistently, it becomes a wonderful compliment to all of my muscular design work instead of a confusing variable. In an ideal world, I like 30 minutes of cardio with 30 minutes of muscular structure work; if you don't have a full hour, choose 30 focused minutes of one or the other.

Spring Break Reading

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt

It may be daunting at 784 pages, but this novel—which follows a young boy who loses his mother during a terrorist attack on an art museum—promises to demolish any idle beach hours.

The Neopolitan Novels

The Neopolitan Novels, Elena Ferrante

Now two books into her trilogy, little-known Italian author Elena Ferrante tackles girlhood and friendship with amazing force.

Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time

Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, Brigid Schulte

As its name suggests, this incredibly well-researched account tackles something we all feel every day: Where has our leisure time gone, and why as a culture do we embrace Busyness?


We at goop love food, to the extent that we spend our days trying new restaurants and test-driving recipes. Every once in a while, we like to give our digestive systems a break and do a good old-fashioned detox or juice cleanse. This is not about weight loss (though it's quite possible you'll shed a few pounds), but rather a way to reset and restart.

The Goop Rules To Cleansing

This method of extraction doesn't oxidize or degrade the ingredients and keeps nutrients and enzymes more intact.

For obvious reasons, fruits and veggies should be free of pesticides.

Raw pressed veggies that haven't been heated maximizes the nutrients.

High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) is a method for preserving food without using heat. Bigger cold-pressed juice companies will use this to extend the shelf life of juices, allowing them to distribute to grocery stores and ship them. It's not always possible, but we prefer juices without HPP.


It's impossible to jump right into a cleanse without some diet clean-up first. The week before, we start eliminating caffeine, sugar, dairy, and meat: These goop Make's are full of helpful recipes for easing in and out of the week: Detox; It's All Good; Winter Detox; Lunch Bowls. Of course, juice detoxing may not be for everyone. If you're a novice or have any questions, you should check with a physician before starting a juice cleanse.


We always start each cleanse morning with a glass of warm lemon water. Throughout the day (depending on how many juices we need to get through), we supplement with herbal teas, hot water with lemon or ginger, and room temperature water. We find light exercise and colonics help things along as you're shedding toxins from your system. It's also very useful to have a cleanse buddy and to stay scheduled and busy, particularly around meal-times. Cheat Sheet: While you're really not supposed to eat while juicing, if you're in a bind, try some cucumber or celery slices with lemon and a touch of Maldon sea salt, or a bowl of warm vegetable broth (especially good if you're cleansing in cold weather).

Izo Cleanse

Izo Cleanse

LA: Local + International Delivery (Based on Cleanse)

GP approved

This is one of GP's main go-tos for her twice-yearly cleanse—it makes her feel high and amazing. That said, it had the opposite effect on a novice goop cleanser, and probably shouldn't be attempted unless you do a pre-cleanse the week before, or are proficient in the art of detoxification. It's unlike other options in that their Signature calls for about double the amount of drinks per day: 13 in total (it's a lot to get down) many of which are brewed from esoteric ingredients like reishi mushroom and fermented chlorella. The package also includes laxatives and liver cleansing antioxidants, making it all a bit more intense. They've recently launched a nicely-priced supplement set which they can ship overseas—it just involves mixing or buying your own juices. Meanwhile, the price of the juice cleanses just went down by about 30%.

Truce Juice

Truce Juice

Minneapolis: Pick-Up Only
1428 W. 32nd St. | 612.825.1684

Christina approved

This brand-new, cold-pressed boutique juice operation—co-founded by Blaire Molitor, who recently moved to Minnesota from Southern California—offers two levels. The juice is made on-site every day (you can watch it being pressed through a large window overlooking the kitchen), and it's admittedly delicious. The chocolate almond milk is insane, and they include a bit of apple in their root and green juices to sweeten them up, making either cleanse fairly painless.

Goop Perk:

20% off any purchase if you mention 'goop' with your in-store order. Offer valid one month from today.

Bikini Wax

Though a seemingly simple undertaking, the right wax—and the right waxer—make a huge difference, both in the quality of the results, and the aftermath. These spots deliver perfection, with no ingrown hairs.


Peace Love Wax

4701 W. Park Blvd., Suite 208 | 936.661.2523

Despite frequent requests to add other services, founder Lisa Sample's spot is unwavering in its dedication to the art of hair removal: The specialization pays off, as there are no better waxers in town.

Laser Hair Removal

Though it's arguably more painful than a visit with a waxer, committing to laser hair removal has its rewards: Namely, after six sessions or so, you never have to worry about your nether regions again. It's a big up-front expense, but cheaper in the long-run if bikini care is on your monthly to-do list.

New York City

Dr. Anolik at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center

Murray Hill
317 E. 34th St. | 212.686.7306
325 Meeting House Ln., Bldg. 1, Suite C | 631.287.7307

With locations in New York City (he's in Dr. Brandt's office) and Southampton, Dr. Anolik is tops. In addition to being best-in-class for lasering, he's the clinical assistant professor of dermatology at both the NYU School of Medicine and the Medical College of Cornell University.

Spray Tan

Los Angeles

Chocolate Sun

Santa Monica
147 Bay St. | 310.450.3075
Beverly Hills
338 N. Canon Dr. | 310.450.3075

Chocolate Sun concocts their own organic tanning sprays, made from herbs, botanicals, and antioxidants. Everyone gets a custom blend, which is then airbrushed on, meaning that the results are subtle and natural. There's no reception area at the Beverly Hills location: It's off an unmarked corridor on the second floor—you have to guess where to go unless someone is there to meet you.

This week's goop collaboration

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