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Winter Detox Mag

You know we love a good detox here at goop, and this January is no exception. We created detox recipes that won't leave you feeling cold and hungry during the winter months, with guidance from Dr. Alejandro Junger, a specialist on the subject (check out his book Clean Gut if you haven't already - life-changer).

Speaking of life-changing books, Dr. Habib Sadeghi’s long-awaited first book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Within: A Spiritual Awakening to Love & Weight Loss. This book takes on weight loss not from counting calories, but from a completely new perspective: self-love. It's pretty genius.

Happy 2014 everyone.



This week’s goop collaboration

Warming Winter Detox


We took to the test kitchen to create a three day menu of detox recipes that are warming and filling and don't feel like a sacrifice. We then turned to Dr. Alejandro Junger for some info on how to best detox during the cold winter months.

Tips from Dr. Junger

“Winter throws us a few challenges as far as detoxing goes: we are more hungry in cold weather and we need a certain internal temperature to function as mammals, which requires consuming more energy. But when we eat more and keep our bodies in continual digesting mode, we lose energy for other necessary functions and for our immune systems, which make us more vulnerable to getting sick.

A winter detox allows us to harness our energy, hit reset on our food intake, and stay healthy and energized. We don’t need to wait for summer to feel and look our best. Here are some tips to help get the best results on your winter detox:


Wear warm clothing both outside and inside your home. Organic cotton and wool are the best materials because they allow your skin to breathe and sweat (one of the ways we detoxify).

Keep your socks on in the house, or wool slippers, or both. Energy leaves us through our extremities. Socks and slippers make a huge difference keeping us warm.

Take warm baths, or even long warm showers if a bath is not available.

Drink lots of hot herbal teas.

If possible take saunas – infrared saunas are especially good. More and more gyms have these available.

Make your liquid meal a warm soup instead of a cold smoothie or juice, especially at night.

If you have a fireplace, use it. Gas or wood – there is something very nurturing about relaxing around the fire beyond just the temperature it generates.

I know I said stay warm but shocking the system with a short burst of cold at times can help activate detoxification. When I was living in New York I would often go to the Russian Baths...

Stay warm and enjoy your winter detox!”

Daily Menus

Dr. Junger contributed the warm shakes – the rest of the recipes are from the goop kitchen. Adjust the times to your schedule and the meals to your taste. Our winter detox has looser guidelines and restrictions than ones we’ve done in the past, but here is what we’re avoiding: dairy, gluten, shellfish, anything processed (including all soy products), nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant), condiments, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and soda.

Day One


Seating that offers an escape whether indoors or out.

Designer Freyja Sewell’s Hush chair.

Dedon, makers of dreamy outdoor furniture, present Nestrest.

The new Cacoon for one or two.

Breakfast Recipes

Chai Gingerbread Shake

Chai Gingerbread Shake

Click here to see full recipe...

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Click here to see full recipe...

Savory Shake

Savory Shake

Click here to see full recipe...

Photos courtesy of Clean.

Lunch Recipes

Chickpea Soup

Chickpea Soup

This vegan, clear-broth soup is soothing, light and cleansing, with bright lemon notes and a kick from the cilantro.

Click here to see full recipe...

Roasted + Clean Carrot Soup

Roasted + Clean Carrot Soup

The idea here was to slow roast and caramelize half the carrots and keep the other half super clean. This gives a complex, layered taste to a soup with basically just one main ingredient.

Click here to see full recipe...

Balsamic Miso Root Salad

Balsamic Miso Root Salad

We originally made a miso tahini dressing for this, but did some playing in the test kitchen and swapped the tahini for a sweeter balsamic – it ended up making the salad.

Click here to see full recipe...

Dinner Recipes

Quinoa Stuffed Kabocha

Quinoa Pilaf Stuffed Kabocha

So, this dish seems a little weird and crazy, but it’s delicious and simpler to make than it sounds. The bowl is the squash and you can scoop as much or as little as you like onto your plate with the quinoa. This definitely does not feel like a detox.

Click here to see full recipe...

Pan-Steamed Chicken + Broccoli

Pan-Steamed Chicken + Broccoli

A clean version of a Chinese take-out favorite...

Click here to see full recipe...

Coconut Poached Salmon

Coconut Poached Salmon

Coconut milk poaching is indulgent and super warming for this time of year. We found our way around fish sauce (which we love but is not detox friendly) by sneaking in a few anchovies at the end.

Click here to see full recipe...

Snack Recipe

Warm Walnut Lentil Pâté

Warm Walnut Lentil Pate

Creamy and rich.

Click here to see full recipe...

Photography by V.K. Rees.

Los Schrader

The ultimate cover band.

We live for this.

Quantum Weight Loss
The focus is on consciousness, not calories

We interview Dr. Habib Sadeghi whose new book, Within: A Spiritual Awakening to Love & Weight Loss, is about so much more than losing a few pounds.

Q: The solution to weight loss seems simple - eat less, move more - so why doesn’t it work that way for most people?

A: Because trying to lose weight by focusing on food is like trying to quit smoking by focusing on cigarettes. How does that make sense? Most weight issues, especially for those who have a significant problem or are considered obese, are emotionally based. Intellectual knowledge about counting calories and exercise has no impact on how we feel about ourselves emotionally. It’s our emotions and subconscious beliefs that drive almost all of our behavior.

Q: So then how does "a spiritual awakening" help someone lose weight?

A: Love is the essential ingredient of life. If a baby receives perfect nutrition, but no loving touch or nurturing, it will die. We call them “failure-to-thrive” babies. Love is a nutrient required for our physical survival and if we didn’t get it, or enough of it early in life, then we end up seeking external sources of love that are always temporary, damaging and often dangerous. When we generate love for ourselves from within, then we naturally take loving actions on our behalf like exercising and eating well.

Q: Hence, no discussion of diet or exercise in the book...

A: Exactly. Anyone who’s dieted for most of their life already knows about good carbs, bad carbs and how much cardio it takes to burn off one slice of cheese. They already have a wealth of food science and exercise knowledge that could rival a dietician or personal trainer. Meal plans and food lectures don’t build a bridge between the head and the heart.

Click here to read the full interview...

This week’s goop collaboration
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