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Hi there,

Why do some women look younger than others the same age? A small part is genetics. Another is protecting it from the sun and elements. But a big piece of the puzzle is knowing what your skin needs during it’s inevitable changes at different ages—and giving it just that. 

So how do you know? 

I’ve simplified it for you! No matter your age, it’s never too late to do the right things and empower yourself with knowledge so keep reading…

Quite surprisingly, this is when you actually begin to lose the 'baby fat' in your face. Overall you begin to look less like a girl and more like a woman. It’s also when 'motor wrinkles', those lines and creases related to movement, first appear very subtly. 

But your skin still produces a good amount of sebum (oil) and will appear to have a healthy cell turnover of about every 14-25 days so the wrinkles usually aren’t that noticeable yet. Phew!

20’s Proactive Care: Use sunscreen daily, rain or shine, to protect your skin from the harsh rays that can burn it, cause drying, wrinkling and brown spots. Hats and sunglasses help too! The damage that happens during this time shows up later. Take a ton of selfies to capture how glorious you look!

While you'll still look youthful, this is the decade when you may notice your skin looks tired and less radiant. It happens. Also, if you spent a lot of time in the sun growing up—or long hours squinting at a computer screen, you’ll also probably see the beginnings of "crow's feet," the tiny expression lines around the eyes. 

Plus previous sun damage may intensify small brown spots. You may also begin to see dilated blood vessels, particularly around the sides of your nose. No fun, right?

Heard of those “dreaded 11s”-- that pair of lines that pop up between the brows -- as well as shadows forming in the triangular area between your nose and the corners of your mouth? Yep, this is when they deepen. Yikes! 

30’s Proactive Care: If you're still using oil-free moisturizers, toss them. 
This is when you need to get serious about moisture with the most powerful moisturizing ingredient known to science. Hyaluronic Acid is about to be your best friend as it’s the most water-loving molecule on the planet and holds 1,000 times its weight in water.

Just as you’re settling into life, lines begin to settle in around your upper lip. If  you smoke or use straws daily, they'll come faster and go deeper. Hormonal changes around this time can also trigger dryness and sensitization or Rosacea.

Also be prepared to see more wrinkles in your forehead and crow's feet around your eyes. And just when we’ve found a way to be happy, the smile lines set in! 

40’s Proactive Care: This Day and Night Combo will help you add antioxidant protection from the skin spoiling elements during the day and focus on repairs at night.

When you sleep, your body goes through a natural rejuvenation process. This is when your skin gets a break from all the dirt and pollution that assaults it during the day so what you put on it at night has a chance to get in and work its magic.

50’s and Beyond
If you’ve taken good care of your skin up to this point, you’re one of the ones who look great for your age!  If not, you'll likely be facing the cumulative effects of sun damage and factors of aging, which include not only a deepening of lines and wrinkles but also a massive breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, the support structures that hold up skin. And here comes the drooping. 

If that wasn’t enough, menopause may start up in your 50s, triggering a 30% reduction in collagen and a dramatic increase in dryness due to low estrogen. And voila - deep wrinkles, age spots and sensitivity are the new black. 

And, though we wish we could lose fat from the “love handles” we instead lose some of the fat beneath our skin in our face, which also leads to a loss of structure as well as making skin thinner and more translucent. 

Remember those tiny brown spots that went untreated? They’re back for an obtrusive, extended visit and they bring their friends.  

50+ Proactive Care: It's time to strengthen, energize and replenish! Increase the use of a strong Retinol Cream and Serum to 5-6 times a week to encourage the acceleration of skin renewal.

Remember that no matter your age, no matter how much time you spent in the sun, how deep your laugh lines are, to love your life and the skin you’re in!

Thank you for being a part of the goPure family!

Erin Driess
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