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Learn How These Moms Keep Their Sanity

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The right GORUCK gear for a busy moms
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Tough Gear, Tougher Moms

Leading into this Mother’s Day we asked a panel of GORUCK moms, who happen to be leaders in their communities as well as their households, how they keep up with their day-to-day and what their favorite gear is.



Miranda Alcatraz
Sara Wilkingson
Katie Hammill
Emily McCarthy


What’s your favorite GORUCK product and why? 

Miranda - I just LOVE the GORUCK Sandbags 2.0 and Simple Sandbags. I didn't do a lot of sandbag training when I was training for competitive CrossFit. It's something that we incorporate several times a week in the main Street Parking programming though and has become easily one of my favorite tools. I am also super pumped about the new Simple Training Sandbags too. I love that there is a simpler and even more accessible (for the price-point) option to get a sandbag in the hands of MORE people!  SEE MORE RESPONSES

As moms, we’re always having to schedule time for ourselves so we can rest and reset. What are some activities you try to incorporate into your daily routine to reset?

Sara - HA!  I'm not sure many of us are good at resting no matter the ages of our kids.  I take my mornings slow with coffee and a book. I always read at least 30-45 min each morning. A mid day brain break is either walking my dogs listening to a podcast or riding my skateboard.  SEE MORE RESPONSES

What is a lesson you learned from your mom that you’re passing along to your kids?

Sara - I will never force them to be someone they are not. It is my job to guide them through rough spots, but to me it's more about allowing them to grow wherever they are at the moment. Of course I want to celebrate their successes, but I also want to be there to watch them pick themselves up when they stumble. I am a constant for them - they are my priority and I will always be there. ALWAYS.  SEE MORE RESPONSES

How are you spending Mother’s Day?

Emily - I'll be coming back from a custom GORUCK event in North Carolina with my 10 year old daughter to spend the afternoon with my boys, my mom and mother-in-law.  SEE MORE RESPONSES

As a mom, what is your training tip?

Katie - Walking, rucking, biking are all workouts. As a mom your schedule is not always your own. So making it to a gym every day might not be feasible, but using the outdoors and your home allows you to get your training in no matter what life throws at you.  SEE MORE RESPONSES

As a mom, why is it important for you to workout? 

Katie - My mental sanity. If I miss a day of movement, it is not my body that feels it but my mind. It clears my head, builds my focus and increases my creativity. My best ideas come to me on a run. I also think it’s incredibly important to instill this as a daily routine for our whole family. Exercise and movement is just who we are and the girls love it too.  SEE MORE RESPONSES

What do you hope your kids learn from seeing you in your fitness journey?

Miranda - Fitness is fun. It's just a part of a healthy life. Fitness isn't a punishment. It's not something you need to be "good at". It just is.  SEE MORE RESPONSES

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