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What’s your favourite wood-burning song?

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Songs about burning and chopping wood

There is something undoubtedly romantic about the burning of logs and even the preparatory acts of collecting and chopping the wood. That probably explains why it has been the inspiration for many poets and musicians.

We've compiled some songs inspired by burning and chopping wood into this blog post.

Perhaps the pinnacle of the genre is The Woodcutter's Song by Scottish folk musician Robin Williamson. The lyrics are:

Oak logs will warm you well

That are old and dry

Logs of pine will sweetly smell

But the sparks will fly

Birches long will burn too fast

Chestnut scarce at all sir

Hawthorn logs are good to last

That are cut well in the fall sir


Surely you will find

There's no compare with the hard wood logs

That's cut in the winter time


Holly logs will burn like wax

You could burn them green

Elm logs burn like smouldering flax

With no flame to be seen

Beech logs for winter time

Yew logs as well sir

Green elder logs it is a crime

For any man to sell sir


Surely you will find

There's no compare with the hard wood logs

That's cut in the winter time


Pear logs and apple logs

They will scent your room

and cherry logs across the dogs

They smell like flowers of broom

But ash logs smooth and grey

Buy them green or old, sir

and buy up all that come your way

They're worth their weight in gold sir


Click here to listen to The Woodcutter's Song and some other songs about chopping and burning wood.

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