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Refer a friend and you both get 10% OFF! Plus tips on how to pick the right rack!

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Refer a friend and you both get 10% OFF! Plus tips on how to pick the right rack!
The Perfect Match! Here's How To Pick the Right Equipment and Rack! Plus Enjoy 10% OFF!
Does Size Really Matter?
Many factors and considerations affect rack sizing. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting, here are some quick pointers that may help you find the right rack for your needs.
For beginner surfers, wide, thick surfboards are extra buoyant and ideal for stability while they find their balance on the water. This helps beginners achieve their goal: catching waves. As surfers progress, we demand performance and turn to narrow and thin boards for tighter turns.
Conditions also determine the ideal dimensions of the board you should use. Small, weak waves call for thicker, wider boards; powerful, steep waves require less width and thickness; while for big waves, a "gun-shaped" surfboard with more length and more volume is ideal.
In skateboarding, the width of your deck should complement the type of skating. Transition skating requires 8.38" and wider for more stability at high speeds; street skating, 7.5" - 8/25" for quick technical maneuvers; and all-around skating, 8.0" - 8.38" for a bit of everything.

Wheel diameter also matters:
49mm - 52mm: For technical street skating
52mm - 55mm: For all-around skating, geared more towards street
55mm - 60mm: For all-around skating, geared more towards transition
60mm - 65mm: For transition skating
Make Sure You're on the Right Rack!
If you're truly passionate about your sport, take care of your favorite gear and protect it like a baby!

We know what it’s like to love your gear. That's why, at Grassracks, we’ve spent years designing, tweaking, and perfecting our racks so outdoor enthusiasts, like yourself, can not only organize and protect your gear from damage but also give it a chance to tell your story.

Our beautifully designed, eco-friendly wall-mounted and freestanding racks come in various models and sizes to suit gear of all types - surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, skis, paddle boards, bikes, and much more.

If you have a big, diverse quiver, it’s important to consider the size of your biggest gear when choosing your rack.

Wondering which rack is perfect for your equipment?
Check out our
Board Sizing Guide and let all your rack doubts be washed away!
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