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A Shameless Bribe

Email sent: Apr 29, 2021 11:15am

Hey, how's it going?

It's been around a week since our paths
first crossed, and since then I've sent you
a number of tips on how you can use the
concept of I IV V to explain things on the

However, I see you still haven't taken me
up on my offer of the full Unlocking I IV V
lesson, which explains things in much
greater detail, not to mention in video!

Many people I've talked to have appreciated
the fact that the lesson is video based, as
explaining guitar theory is often much easier
when you can add the visual dynamic.

I honestly believe that this lesson will help
make you a better guitar player, and I want
to put my money where my mouth is - in more
ways than one!

To do that, I'm offering you a SHAMELESS BRIBE!

I've created a special coupon code for you, to
help bring you over onto my side of the fence.

When used, it will give you a special 15% off
discount for the lesson.

Here it is:


Click Here To Claim Your 15% Discount Now

Because the grass is greener on this side! (grin)

In order to claim your discount, you absolutely
must enter the coupon code when you place
your order.

If you miss that step, then there's nothing I can do.

I said I'd prove to you that I believe this information
will make you a better player, and here's how:

"No Weasel Clauses" 60 Day Guarantee

Try Unlocking I-IV-V for a full 60 days, and if it
doesn't improve your understanding of the guitar,
email me personally for a full refund. No hard
feelings, and no questions asked!

That's the strongest guarantee I could come up
with to prove to you this will help you.

Click Here To Claim Your 15% Discount Now

I hope you'll join the many others who have
learned the secrets of I, IV and V on the guitar,
and seen their playing skyrocket!

Have a great day,

Jonathan Boettcher

PS - By now you've probably noticed that lots of
people have written and told me how this lesson
has helped them, and here's another:

"I have really enjoyed your DVD and plan to watch
it several times until I have it down. I have actually
been playing around on the guitar for many years
but like you said, I didn't really know
theory at all.

You have already taught me a great deal and I am
very grateful.

I look forward to moving forward from here to a
place where I can
play the way I have really always
wanted to but just didn't know how.  

I have usually only played for my own "stress relief",
if you will,
in the past but recently I tried playing in a
jam session at a local VFW with a bunch of older
guys and I was embarrassed because I just

couldn't keep up.

I know quite  lot of chords actually but just have
trouble doing
it right, and I was also a little nervous
because of lack of confidence
I guess. Seeing the
patterns and how it fits together really
opened my
eyes and made so much sense.

Thank You again,"

~ Charley Jeffreys

--> Click Here To Claim Your 15% Discount Now


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