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Guitar Theory Made Simple

(Guitar) Being Bored Is Strictly Prohibited!

Email sent: May 3, 2021 11:18am

What's the best way for an adult to learn guitar?

Most guitar teachers have been trained from a
classical music perspective. Doesn't necessarily
mean they learned classical music, but the learning
method is the classical one.

That system was developed literally hundreds of
years ago
, and was completely geared towards
the piano and classical music, which was the
popular music of the day.

In contrast, the electric guitar is only a little older
than I am!

The guitar is a baby compared to most other musical
instruments, and musical theory applied to the guitar
is very different than the piano.

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This is one of the biggest reasons most guitar lessons
have minimal impact, if any, on the student. They're
coming at guitar theory from a piano player's perspective!

To make matters worse...

On top of that, classical music theory is geared towards
less than 0.01% of the population who actually want to
become professional musicians.

Chances are, that's not you.

By and large, most people just want to learn guitar so
they can:

- relieve stress
- express their creative side
- have some fun jamming with friends

If that's you, you're NEVER going to need to know what a
Bartók pizzicato is, or what portamento means.

It's completely irrelevant!

(they're musical terms, in case you wondered)

So what DO you need to know?

The thing you DO need to know, as a 'campfire jammer'
or otherwise, is how chords work together.

What the basic chords are in each key, and why that's so.

What scale to use when you want to throw a little riff or
a lick into a song.

All that is very basic stuff, theory-wise, and its exactly
what I cover in Unlocking I IV V.

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No more, no less.

Be Bored Is Strictly Prohibited

Plus, my lesson is 'Guaranteed Not To Be Boring'.


If you find it boring, I'll give you all your money back.

Now I've never even heard of a guarantee like that before, and I'm not sure its even something I can technically guarantee, but it slipped out, so I'm standing by it!

Click Here To Learn BASIC Guitar Theory

This guitar lesson is one you don't want to miss.

Keep on strumming!

Jonathan Boettcher


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