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I was SO embarrassed!

Email sent: May 1, 2021 11:15am

Hey, how's it going?

Some time ago I was in Mexico on vacation,
and I was enjoying trying to pick up little bits
of Spanish to interact with the locals.

One night after a particularly satisfying
meal, the waiter asked me how I'd liked it.

I quickly replied "Mucho gusto!"

Somewhere along the way, I'd "learned" that
mucho gusto meant it tasted great.

The waiter gave me a funny smile, looked
pleased, and said goodbye.

A couple days later, on a whim, I asked
someone what mucho gusto meant.

He replied: "Pleased to meet you!"

Inwardly, I all of a sudden realized the reason
for the strange look on the waiter's face!

I'd just pulled a classic move, demonstrating
my perfect ignorance...

Ironically, I see this same thing happen with
guitar players all the time.

Someone will ask what key something is in, and
another guy will yell out "It's in E" simply
because the first chord is an E.

Or, someone will tear off into a solo in totally
the wrong key, only realizing a few bars in that
something sounds a bit off... but they're not
quite able to put their finger on it, so they
plow on ahead.

My advice in those situations is to step back
a bit and take a little time to actually learn
the language of music... ie, theory.

My Unlocking I IV V course is a great start for
exactly that, allowing you to truly understand
what you're talking about with other players.

Click here to learn more

It's funny how the things we "learn" along the
way sometimes turn out later to be as far from
the truth as can be.

Maybe a friend simply didn't know any better,
or maybe he was actually pulling a prank!

In the case of guitar theory, once you understand
how it works, you'll literally begin to see
how everything fits together into place.

Click here to learn more

Next time, I'm planning on taking some time to
actually learn some more Spanish before traveling,
so maybe I'll save myself another embarrassing

Have a great day,

Jonathan Boettcher


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