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The Parrot Player

Email sent: Nov 8, 2019 6:39am
Over the years, I've crossed paths with quite a few "parrot" players...

What IS a parrot player?

A parrot player is a guitar player who learns most things note for note that other people have played, either by tab or by ear.

Sometimes, the parrot players also follow along from chord to chord by watching a more experienced player in the group.

The best of the parrot players have very good memories, and if you play something for them, they're able to remember it, however usually they have to play it back exactly as they heard it originally.

In other words, they let other people do the trailblazing...

Have you ever heard a parrot (bird) hold an actual conversation? Not likely, because they can only repeat words and phrases they learned...

Parrot players don't have a good sense of what exactly is happening in the music; they don't see any relationship between certain chords, they just play what is put in front of them.

Likewise, they might learn some pretty cool sounding guitar solos, but if you press them on it, you'll find that once again, the solo is learned note for note, and when pressed, they can't actually use all the licks within that solo to create their own unique solo.

The good news for parrot players is that being a parrot player is not like being a certain type of animal. As they say, the leopard can't change its spots, but parrot players CAN!

Being a parrot player CAN be simply a stage on the great path to learning guitar.

Those parroting skills are actually pretty useful - I'm not knocking them - but they can be used more creatively too.

It's possible to progress beyond "copy 'n pasting" what others have done, and truly move into the realm of getting creative on your own.

Even if you never write your own music, the benefits of understanding what you're playing will help you not only learn songs quicker, but you'll be able to remember them much better as well.

To take the path to enlightenment, click here:

Have a great day,

Jonathan Boettcher


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